Bigg Boss Season 4 Telugu Week 3 Nominations


The Bigg Boss fourth edition entered into 3rd week. On the very first day of the third-week nominations took place. Last week Nagarjuna warned everyone not to self nominate and every contestant in the house should take the nominations seriously. Nagarjuna said that he will not allow housemates to play a safe game.

As a part of the third-week nominations 7 contestants are nominated to eliminate from the house. This time all the housemates took the nominations seriously and nominated for valid reasons but not in a way to play safe.

Bigg Boss Season 4 Third Week Nomination List:

The nominated contestants for the third week are:

  • Devi Nagavali,
  • Lasya,
  • Monal,
  • Harika,
  • Mehaboob,
  • Ariyana,
  • Kumar Sai.

Devi Nagavali is the first contestant to nominate this week directly, where Nagarjuna has given Kalyani who is eliminated last week a big bomb to nominate one contestant directly for this week and she nominated Devi. Lasya was nominated directly by the house captain Noel. Bigg Boss asked Noel to nominate one contestant directly and he nominated Lasya with a reason that she degraded Amma Rajashekhar. There was a disagreement between Kumar Sai & Akhil, Sujatha & Harika. Most of the contestants nominated Kumar Sai with a reason that he is not making a good relationship with the remaining housemates and he is being in the house lost somewhere.


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