Bigg Boss Telugu Season 4 Week 2 Nomination Voting Results


Bigg Boss Season 4 has started on 6th September 2020. The show was launched by the host Akkineni Nagarjuna on Star Maa Channel. Compared to the previous seasons, the Bigg Boss house looks bigger and luxurious. And al the contestants entered the house on the day of the launch.

The journey of the contestants is smooth with all the contestants participating in the tasks given by the Bigg Boss. Though Surya Kiran was eliminated from the house on the first week and Kumar Sai entered the house as a Wild Card entry. And nomination task for the second week was also held by Bigg Boss. Here is the list of participants who are nominated for the Second week.


Bigg Boss Season 4 Second Week Nomination List:

  1. Gangavva
  2. Noel
  3. Monal Gajjar
  4. Syed Sohel
  5. Karate Kalyani
  6. Amma Rajasekhar
  7. Kumar Sai
  8. Harika
  9. Abhijeet

Bigg Boss 4 Telugu Second Week Voting Results: 

Reportedly, the voting results to date show that Kalyani has fewer votes which may lead her to eliminate from the house. And next comes Amma Rajasekhar who has fewer votes after Karate Kalyani. Though these two contestants were having a good time in the house, they are in the danger zone as only a few people voted them.

As Gangavva, Noel, Monal, Abhijeet, and Harika who were people’s favorites are in the nominations, other participants may have the trouble of getting votes from people. Previously Abijeet was nominated and also was saved first from the nominations in the previous week. This my continue with him. Noel and Gangavva have a great fan base right from the start of the season, so they are less expected to be leaving the house.

Harika and Monal are cute, energetic, and entertaining people every day, which may help these ladies stay longer in the house. And the same goes for people like Sohel and Kumar sai. So, the chances of Kalyani and Rajasekhar staying in the house gets tougher.


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