Bill Abbott, Ex-Hallmark CEO’s GAC, Family-Friendly, Original Movies

Hallmark better beware! Former CEO Bill Abbott now has the vehicle to directly compete with the feel-good network with his own wholesome content.

What do we know about GAC Family and GAC Living?

Ex-Hallmark CEO Bill Abbott Launches GAC

Hallmark fans may soon be faced with a serious choice. They could continue to consume their favorite content on the regular Hallmark Channel, Movies & Mysteries, and stream on Hallmark Now. Or, they could check out the content on GAC (Great American Country)

According to Next TV, Bill Abbott’s GAC will officially launch on September 27. Their tagline is “Stories Well Told.”

This network is launched as GAC Family. Earlier in the year, Bill Abbott purchased Great American Country from Discovery for $90 million.

Abbott formed GAC, along with Dallas-based Hicks Equity Partners. Their goal is to create family-friendly content. They plan on being available on “all platforms,” however they have not yet shared what they are. Moreover, they have already expanded, and they seem to have a big plan.

GAC Living Is Sister Channel

Like Hallmark, GAC has a sister channel. That is GAC Living. This is due to the purchase of Ride TV. Originally, this channel was all about equestrian sports. However, it sounds like the updated channel will feature far more than horses and stables.

Their tagline is “Life Well Lived.” They will focus on southern living and country living.

Since the goal is to get into about 50 million households, two channels should certainly hold the attention of viewers who are looking for this wholesome content.

Will There Be Hallmark-Style Movies?

The publication promises that the GAC channel’s content programming plan “looks like a page from the Hallmark Channel playbook under Abbott.”

They promise to run content focused on “American culture, lifestyle, and heritage.” They will create family-friendly original movies and series.

While GAC Make Hallmark-Style Christmas Movies?

Now that everyone from Discovery to Paramount is emulating their own version of the Hallmark holiday movie genre, GAC also makes a promise that they will offer holiday movies as well.

GAC wants to “celebrate relationships and the emotional connections related to holidays, seasons and occasions.”

Although they promise original content soon, there is no information on whether they will make any original Christmas movies for 2021.

Will there be any GAC holiday movies to rival Bill Abbott’s old network, Hallmark? According to the holiday movie prognosticator, Ho! Ho! Holiday Viewing, she thinks there is “plenty” of time.

She tweeted, “No programming announcements of any kind, but former Hallmark president Bill Abbott’s new cable venture, GAC Family and companion lifestyle network GAC Living are now official and will be on the air as of September 27th…In plenty of time for the holidays.”

This seems to be a confirmation that there is plenty of time to make some family-friendly holiday content. Maybe even a holiday movie or two. For Bill Abbott was at the helm of Hallmark when they perfected Countdown to Christmas. That means he knows how to get a movie done in three weeks and on the air in record time.

Are you ready for some serious competition for your viewership? Will you check out GAC?

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