Bill Cosby’s Marriage In ‘Crisis’ After His Release From Prison?

Are Bill and Camille Cosby headed for divorce now that Bill’s been released from prison? One tabloid claims the couple’s marriage is in a worse state than ever. Gossip Cop investigates.

‘Long-Suffering’ Camille Cosby Ditches Wedding Ring?

A recent edition of the National Enquirer reported Camille Cosby is “ready to assert her independence” from her husband, Bill Cosby. After being found guilty of sexual assault, Bill was sentenced to up to ten years in prison. But the former comedian served less than three of those years before his conviction was vacated on a legal technicality. But Camille was recently spotted without her wedding ring, leading people to believe her and Bill’s marriage is in trouble.

An inside source dishes, “Camille is disgusted with Bill’s attitude!” adding, “He’s shown zero remorse about what he’s put her through, and she’s furious!” While Camille’s support of Bill has never publicly wavered, the source explains Camille quietly isn’t happy with her husband’s return. “He’s acting like he should be treated as a returning hero!” the source exclaims. The insider calls their union a “marriage of convenience,” noting that Camille has Bill’s $400 million fortune at her disposal if she can keep the failed relationship believable.

Bill And Camille Cosby Married ‘In Name Only’?

This story is complete speculation. Gossip Cop investigated this story when the Globe published it and found no truth to it whatsoever. In fact, a representative for the couple called the rumor “hilarious.” The publicist explained, “Mr. and Mrs. Cosby have been happily married for 57 years and counting,” adding, “They have not worn wedding rings in almost 30 years.”

With that detail explained away, there is absolutely no evidence supporting the idea that the Cosbys’ marriage is failing. While it’s true the couple’s marriage has undoubtedly been tested by Bill’s trial and conviction, Camille’s support for Bill Cosby has been ironclad and unwavering. Since the couple didn’t give the impression that they planned to split even through their hardest times, we doubt Bill’s release is spelling the end of their 57-year marriage.

The Tabloid On Celebrity Marriages

It’s no surprise that the National Enquirer would publish such a misleading report. Last year, the tabloid alleged Felicity Huffman and William H. Macy were divorcing over the now-infamous college admissions scandal. Then, earlier this year, the outlet reported Bill and Hillary Clinton were headed for a $250 million divorce. And more recently, the publication claimed Reese Witherspoon was headed for divorce after she was spotted without her wedding ring. Since all of these couples seem to be doing just fine, we doubt the Cosbys’ marriage is in trouble.

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