Bill Gates reacts to Chris Rock’s roast in viral TikTok

A viral clip is making the rounds on TikTok, which shows Bill Gates watching himself get roasted by comedian Chris Rock.

In his 2017 Netflix comedy special, ‘Tamborine’, Rock rants: “Do you think kids were nice to Bill Gates in high school?”

“Hey Gates, you Charlie Brown looking motherf***er. F–k you Gates, you four-eyed b****.

“F*** you and your Windows, you gap-tooth motherf***er.

“I’m going to smack the s–t out of you f***ing Gate, Gates motherf***er, you can’t get in the gate, Gates.”

Gates was captured watching a snippet from Rock’s 2017 Netflix special


The video, which has racked up a whopping 1.6 million, shows the billionaire watching the clip and taking the comedic jabs in good spirits. He is captured smiling along to Rock’s sketch.

TikTok users flocked to the clip to express their confusion about the relationship between TikToker Zion Scott (@zionscott0) and the Microsoft founder.

Gates was spotted smiling along to the roast


“I have never been this confused”, one said, while another commented, “Bro just chilling with Bill Gates?”

Zion was inundated with curious questions, which prompted him to record a follow-up video to explain how he knows the billionaire.

“This is the real deal, official storytime of the Bill Gates TikTok”, he said.

“So I’m really good friend with Bill Gates’ daughter, Phoebe, so me, Phoebe, two other friends and Bill were just watching that comedy special at their cabin and that part came on and we were all laughing super hard so we rewinded it and I started filming it, that’s what happened, not that confusing.”

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