Bill Murray’s Friends Allegedly Fear Over Actor’s Supposedly Struggling Liver Amid Recent Suspension, Dubious Source Says

Is Bill Murray falling apart? One report says his friends fear for his life after his behavior on the set of Being Mortal shut down production. Gossip Cop investigates.

‘Bill Murray Is Scrooged!’

Per the Globe, Murray is coping with his backlash by drinking heavily. An investigation into his behavior on the set of Being Mortal shut the film down, and now he looks worse for wear. A source says, “The guy pounds spirits morning, noon, and night like it’s fruit juice and it’s a minor miracle he gets anything done during the daytime… this isn’t a healthy guy.”

Refusing help, Murray “thinks he’s untouchable,” the source reveals. While the comedian is beloved by fans, an insider says he “isn’t very well-liked in Hollywood… he’s known to be churlish, moody, and even violent at times.” One lifespan expert thinks Murray’s boozing could lead to an early grave, ominously warning, “Some people are surprised his liver hasn’t failed already.”

Two Things Going On

The Globe is pulling a tabloid special by using real-life events and twisting them into a new narrative. Reports of sexual misconduct by Bill Murray did indeed shut Being Mortal down. He defended his actions, saying, “I did something I thought was funny, and it wasn’t taken that way.” The incident also caused loads of old Murray stories, including those from Lucy Liu and Richard Dreyfuss, to come back to light.

With all these stories in mind, it’s reasonable to say Murray has a bad reputation as a co-worker. However, this tabloid tries to link this behavior to alcoholism. This is a bridge without explanation and without evidence. Nothing in the stories about Being Mortal suggests Murray was drunk. It’s also hard to believe folks like Wes Anderson would work with him for decades if he drinks alcohol like it’s “fruit juice.”

Bill Murray’s personal life is famously strange and private. He’s not exactly an open book, nor does he stay up all night on social media. Since he’s a pretty private guy, it’s hard to trust that these sources actually have any legitimate insight. As for the source saying boozing can cause death…well yeah, it obviously can. 

Murray has done shady things on set, and alcohol can be dangerous. While these two things are true, the Globe provides no serious evidence to link the two thoughts.

Why This Sounds Familiar

You also shouldn’t trust this report because this tabloid constantly publishes absurd stories about alcoholism. These stories are problematic because they mock the terrible reality of addiction. In 2020, it reported Brad Pitt was insisting Jennifer Aniston give up drinking.

A year later, and Queen Elizabeth was sending Prince Charles to rehab for his drinking. It targeted Caitlyn Jenner with a story about her turning to “food and booze.” It did the same thing to Gwyneth Paltrow as well. There’s little rhyme or reason to these stories. It’s just a trope where names can be filled in as needed.


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