Billy Connolly tells Lorraine Kelly that his wife Pamela ‘saved his life’

Billy Connolly spoke to Lorraine Kelly this morning and opened up about his career, living with Parkinson’s and how his wife Pamela saved his life.

The Big Yin joined the Scots TV presenter on the ITV show via video link and spoke ahead of the release of his new autobiography.

Lorraine said that in his book, he mentioned that his wife Pamela Stephenson ‘saved him’.

She said: “You mention that Pamela saved you?” Billy replied: “Without question, it was the woman’s way. She said: ‘This is the way it’s going to be or you’re out!’ So I paid attention.”

The 78-year-old went on to say that he now resides in Florida with Pamela but previously stayed in New York but because of his Parkinson’s and the cold weather, the couple headed to Florida.

He said: “Because of the Parkinson’s I was out of balance and in winter I was sliding and falling on my backside a lot. So, Pamela told me that we were moving and that was it.”

Lorraine then asked how he copes with it. He said: “It’s good days and bad says and good outnumber bad days nothing to complain about it.”

Billy now lives in Florida

Billy also revealed that when the world goes back to normal he would love to return to his homeland. He said: “I would love to be back in Scotland it’s my favourite place. A lot of American’s call me Yin… It’s kind of nice.”

Lorraine also mentioned that he’s been honoured with a few awards recently and Billy joked: “They are hurrying up incase I die!” But Billy admitted that they are stuffed in a cupboard.

Billy Connolly had high praise from his wife Pamela Stephenson

Lorraine asked why he decided to write about his life now at the age of 78. He said: “I never really wanted to before but I thought I would give it a bash!”

Billy’s autobiography Windswept and Interesting is out now.

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