‘BIP’ Chris Conran Responds To Fan’s Disrespectful Comments

Chris Conran showed up on the beach in the latest episode of Bachelor in Paradise. His appearance got a mixed reaction from Bachelor nation fans. Chris first appeared on Clare Crawley’s season. Many fans aren’t really sure who he even is.  He went home during week one. However, he made some tight friends while he was there including Chasen Nick and Noah Erb. Chris also considers Katie Thurston a good friend shown in the picture below.

When he showed up on the beach, he had one girl in mind, Jessenia Cruz who already was in a relationship with Ivan Hall. Thanks to some editing magic, right when Chris showed up, Ivan had just called them the strongest couple.

Chris Conran Called People Out On Social Media

Chris Conran talked to fans directly from his Twitter. He said they didn’t need to make assumptions about his sexuality. He said he heard it happening on podcasts and saw it on social media. According to Us Weekly, he said, “I am not gay. It is disrespectful that society effeminates Asian men and uses ‘gay’ as a derogatory term. Don’t impose sexuality on individuals.”

One follower pointed out that Nick Viall talking to Dave Holmes of MTV was the podcast he had to be mentioning. Nick said all he saw when Chris arrived was legs. He said, “Is this a guy or a girl?” Dave added he thought both Chris and Chasen put off a fluid vibe.

Dave said, “I was certain that it was, like, ‘Oh, these are the guys who are sort of bicurious.” He went on to say Wells would give them a drink and anything could happen.

Chris Conran, Instagram

Also, The Word Smokeshow Was Brought Up Again

Chris Conran and Chasen Nick both say smoke show a lot. The cast referred to them as the “smoke bros.” Dave suggested the term gave him the appearance of, “performative heterosexuality.” When the two showed up on the beach they said they were, “two smoke bros looking for some smokeshows.” While Chris wasn’t on long enough to say it more than once, Chasen said it several times and got called out for it.

Tammy Ly who was on the show with Chris supported him by retweeting his message. She’s had to deal with trolls telling her to get Covid and unalive herself. She stated, “it’s extremely rude because they want to hurt you and they know that’s the only way that they can hurt you.”

Bachelor in Paradise is airing on Monday and Tuesday nights and promises some serious drama. What do you think about Chris Conran getting made at fans? Did you remember who he was? What do you think of Nick Viall’s comments? Comment all your thoughts down below.



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