Bird in Australian zoo perfects a human baby cry

Move over, comedians. Because now birds can also do amazing impersonations of people.

A lyrebird at a zoo gave people the “wake-up call of a lifetime” — by mimicking a crying baby,

On Monday, the Taronga Zoo in Sydney, Australia posted a video that has received over 501,700 views at the time of writing showing its lyrebird Echo’s astonishing ability to sound like an infant.

People took to the comments to express their surprise at how cool this was – but also how bizarre the sound was.

“That’s so cool (and at the same time a nightmare), but – I wonder how many crying babies this bird has heard to mimic it p e r f e c t l y,” someone wrote.

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Others compared Echo’s cry to the “sounds of lockdown.”

“The sounds of lockdown: I can hear the bird in the jacaranda tree on the other side of the house that is mimicking the sound of a car alarm. weioh weioh weioh,” someone else added.

Someone who was in a bad mood was prompted to cracked a smile and wrote, “WOW! I’m in a bad mood today, but this made me smile. WOW! just WOW! How????”

Check out some other responses below.

Lyrebirds are native to Australia and have an unlimited range of sounds they make. Whether that’s chainsaws, car alarms, lasers, video games, beaten nails, and human diction – you name it, they can do it.

Males are also identifiable with their lush feathers shaped like a lyre (a string instrument), which is where the name comes from, to attract mates.

It’s also not entirely uncommon for them to make their courting calls for up to six hours.

Well, that’s a lot of breathwork!

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