Bizarre moment woman strolls through airport in just a bikini and face mask

A woman has left her fellow passengers stunned when she walked through the airport wearing a bikini and carrying a backpack.

The bizarre scene was shared on to a popular Instagram account, which joked: “When you have a pool party at noon and a Spirit Airlines flight to catch at 4pm.”

In the clip, the woman dons a green matching bikini set and carries a Louis Vuitton handbag as well as a black backpack, casually checking her boarding pass as she walks past the baggage drop area in the airport.

The post added: “At least she’s wearing a mask.”

While other passengers seem not to be bothered by her outfit, viewers were stunned by what they were seeing.

The woman casually walked past the baggage drop in a bikini and her Louis Vuitton bag
(Image: Instagram/humansofspiritairlines)

One said: “Gross. What the hell…”

“If she made it on the plane like that, she’ll be hating life because planes get a lot cooler than airports,” a second wrote while a third assumed: “Oh boy she got denied boarding.”

Some joked that the woman will have a speedy security check thanks to her outfit.

“The TSA screening part will be easy also got nothing to hide,” a viewer commented.

Some viewers were left disgusted and guessed she might be refused boarding for wearing just a bikini
Some viewers were left disgusted and guessed she might be refused boarding for wearing just a bikini
(Image: Instagram/humansofspiritairlines)

It comes after a flight attendant gave advice to warn people not to wear shorts on plane because of the exposure to germs and bacteria.

Tommy Cimato said on TikTok that it’s hard to find out how many people or children have wiped their hands or other things all over the seat.

So the longer the pants, the more protection you get from viruses.

A woman was threatened to get kicked off flight after being shamed by a flight attendant.

Sierra Steadman was told to zip up her hoodie to cover as she was wearing a black crop top and sporty shorts.

Another passenger was refused boarding because her outfit was “showing too much skin”.

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