Bizarre TikTok shows nail artist using peanut butter to make acrylic nails

A viral TikTok trend of making fake nails out of – wait for it – PEANUT BUTTER has divided social media users.

Nail artist @ilysmnails is TikTok and Instagram famous for their unique nail designs, sometimes even using food products to make new creations.

In a clip, which has been viewed 18.4 million times, they demonstrated how they created an acrylic nail using the popular spread.

The video shows them adding a dollop of the spread on top of their existing nail. Next, a piece of clear acrylic nail is placed on top and the excess is wiped away.

Next, to fill the gaps, the nail technician digs their nail into the jar of peanut butter (smooth) before using what looks like a make-up brush to clear away excess spread and leaving it to dry.

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The finished article is an acrylic nail the colour of peanut butter, which is decorated with small diamonds on the cuticle.

@ilysmnails’s use of food in their creations has divided internet users, with some saying they’d be worried about it going mouldy and smelling.

In response to the clip on Instagram, one person said: “Not gonna lie that’s a pretty color tbh.”

Meanwhile, on TikTok someone wrote: “I’ll be too worried about it getting mouldy… nope not for me.”

Another joked that their dog would try and eat their nails, while someone else said: “This irritates me only because I get bugged when I get food under my nails.”

Someone else has similar concerns, writing: “I don’t understand why people use food doesn’t it smell bad afterwards? I’m just saying because I don’t understand.”

In the comments section, @ilysmnails put a disclaimer warning those with a peanut allergy to “stay away from this nail”.

While @ilysmnails also appears to do more traditional nails, previous clips have also seen them use Nutella spread, taco shells and honey in some of their more unique creations.

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