BLACKPINK Lisa Apologizes for Alleged Cultural Appropriation in ‘MONEY’ Teaser

In her recent fan meeting, Lisa took the time to apologize after being embroiled in a cultural appropriation controversy for her MONEY teaser photo.

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BLACKPINK Lisa has been a hot topic these past weeks with the release of her solo debut album LALISA back on September 10, and simultaneously breaking numerous records as a solo artist.

On September 19, YG Entertainment released a teaser photo for the MONEY performance video on BLACKPINK’s social media accounts. However, the teaser photo was met with some criticism.

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In particular, netizens accused Lisa of cultural appropriation due to her choice of hairstyle, which features a bright red braid extension added to her ponytail that is similar to box braids, an important aspect of African culture.

A debate among netizens later ensued, discussing whether Lisa’s hairstyle can be deemed as cultural appropriation.

While some have come to her defense stating that the braids are part of Thailand’s past and are called “Phom Pia,” and as Lisa is Thai herself, it cannot be considered cultural appropriation.

However, this has been disputed by many netizens who explained that “Thai braids” do not exist.

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BLACKPINK Lisa Apologizes for Alleged Cultural Appropriation During Fan Meeting

Following the controversy, Lisa issued an apology through her fan meeting.

On September 26, a fan had shared a screen recording of her video call with Lisa during the BLACKPINK member’s solo fan meet.

According to the fan, they had educated Lisa about the reason why her “MONEY” teaser photo hairstyle was considered cultural appropriation and that there was a debate about it within the BLINK community.

They also shared that Lisa herself had extended the time of the fan meet to learn in detail the matter and also apologize to fans for the controversy.

In the 45-second video, Lisa can be heard apologizing and stating that she had no bad intentions. “I didn’t know, like, I didn’t have bad intentions. I’m thinking that… I thought that the hairstyle is very cool […].”

“Yeah, that’s all. But I feel so bad and it’s like […] Like I’m very sorry for like, you know, like someone, like they got hurt from that,” continued Lisa.

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The fan assures Lisa that BLINKs love her, but just wanted to make her aware of the issue.

Lisa continues to apologize sincerely, “I’m so sorry that… I have to like, you know, double check with everything,” and promises to be more careful from now on.

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