Blake Horstmann Shares Sage Advice For Future Bachelor Nation Stars

After several stints on the Bachelor Nation franchise, Blake Horstmann thinks he knows the secret. In a question and answer session, he dished the dirt on all things Bachelor. Plus, he reveals which ladies he wishes were on this season of Bachelor In Paradise. Keep reading for all the tea! 

Blake Horstmann Facing Heartbreak Again 

Blake Horstmann cannot seem to escape from the Bachelor Nation franchise. Nor can he stop getting his heart trampled on.

Credit: Blake Horstmann/YouTube

According to Horstmann, he was in a situationship with Becca Kufrin before she joined Season 7 of BiP. But in Becca’s view, nothing romantic was happening. 

Fans may recall that Blake was the runner-up in Becca Kufrin’s season of The Bachelorette. 

Only Blake and Becca know the truth in the he said/she said situationship. However, Blake hasn’t had much luck finding love in Bachelor Nation. Rumors have it that Becca may have found love in Paradise. 

BIP Tea: Best/Worst Part, Top 4 Dream Contestants 

Blake may not be too keen on his ex appearing on BIP. However, he knows of three other alums who would have been great additions to the Season 7 cast. In an Instagram Stories slide, he lists Victoria Fuller and Madison Prewett as people he wished were on BIP this season. 

He also name-drops Hannah Ann Sluss and Kelley Flanagan as his dream contestants. He wrote that they all chose their mental health over appearing on the show. Blake admits that he respects that choice. “Plus, they don’t need the show,” he wrote. 

Kelley Flanagan recently opened up about her health struggles after being diagnosed with lyme disease. 

One of Blake’s followers asked him to name the best and worst parts about BIP. In the question and answer session, Blake revealed that the heat is definitely the worst part about the show. 

His answer about the best thing may come as a huge surprise. In Blake’s opinion, the food in Paradise makes it all worthwhile. In fact, he gave the food THREE fire emojis of approval. Blake particularly liked indulging in shrimp tacos “4x a day.”

Credit: Blake Horstmann/Instagram
Credit: Blake Horstmann/Instagram

Blake Horstmann Shares Sage Advice For Next Bachelor Lead

As a contestant on both The Bachelorette and Bachelor In Paradise, Blake knows a thing or two about the show. Another of his followers asked Blake for advice for future Bachelor Nation contestants. 

Blake’s first piece of advice was for the contestant to be themselves. “The producers and audience can read through fake,” he cautioned. He also advised AGAINST spending a lot of money on clothing for the show. 

Fittingly, Blake recommends contestants and leads “delete all social media.” In recent seasons, contestants on the show have come under fire for things they’ve posted on social media before joining the show. Rachael Kirkconnell recently spoke out about the scandal she was embroiled in after photos surfaced of her attending an antebellum ball-themed party. 

Several of Katie Thurston’s Bachelorette suitors issued apologies after their problematic social media posts were unearthed. 

However, Blake also encourages contestants to “keep all text receipts.” That may be a reference to him sharing text exchanges with BIP’s Caelynn Miller-Keyes. Nick Viall recently compared Blake, whom Nick called a “f**kboy” to Season 7’s Brendan Morais. 

Blake and Caelynn hooked up prior to appearing on Season 6 of Bachelor In Paradise. After getting backlash for having existing relationships with several Season 6 ladies, Blake released the texts to prove his side of the story. 

With the ongoing drama with Becca Kufrin, Blake’s followers wondered about his relationship status. Blake revealed that he is single at the moment. 

Credit: Blake Horstmann/Instagram
Credit: Blake Horstmann/Instagram

Do you agree with the advice Blake Horstmann shared for future Bachelor Nation stars? Do you have any advice you would add? Let us know in the comments below. 

Don’t miss the drama on Bachelor In Paradise. It typically airs Mondays on ABC, but the network is shaking up the schedule for the rest of Season 7.

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