Blake Lively Goes ‘Pantless’ to Celebrate Her Birthday

Blake Lively almost wore her birthday suit for fans on her Instagram account as she gears up to turn 34 years young. The A-list actress took to the social media platform to show off a new Louis Vuitton purse she was sent by the high-end designer brand. However, while the purse was gorgeous to look at, she pointed out her look and fans ran with it.

The Gossip Girl star was almost rocking a pantless look as she scrambled to cover her lower half with a blanket, noting that she may have been going full-fledged birthday suit around the house prior to the photo she took. “@louisvuitton with the early birthday present,” she captioned at the top of the photo according to Entertainment Tonight. “In love but my ‘in love’ face didn’t look as bored chic. So you get this,” she added. In the photo, Lively took a mirror selfie as she hid her face behind the gorgeous red and white striped bag.

Towards the bottom, she detailed that she used a blanket to wrap up as she gears up to celebrate her birthday. “Also: shoutout to my fellow pantless friends running around their house until they grab a blanket and do the ‘towel treatment’ and act like that counts as clothes,” she wrote. Lively’s birthday is on Aug. 25 and if history has told fans one thing, she and her husband Ryan Reynolds will celebrate in the most hilarious and loving way. In the past, Reynolds has shared what his wife has done to celebrate his special day and it usually consists of a homemade cake that looks, and probably tastes, so relatable to fans.

While Lively rocked the no-pants look — kind of — for her picture, she also rocked a similar look in another recent post to promote Reynolds’ new movie Free Guy. In the post, she shared a photo of her in a bathingsuit from behind, giving fans a good luck at her rear end. Playing along with the image, she captioned it by saying, “Go see @freeguymovie this weekend or you’ll be bummed.” In classic Lively style, she cropped in a photo of her husband in the pool and made it look like he was staring her bum. Over the years, the sweet pair have become a fan-favorite with their back-and-forth hilarious humor as the poke fun at each other and show off their sarcastic and comedic personalities.

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