Blake Moynes Has The Most Adorable Nickname For Katie Thurston
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Blake Moynes Has The Most Adorable Nickname For Katie Thurston

Katie Thurston’s season of The Bachelorette wrapped up Monday night. She ended the season engaged to Canadian Blake Moynes. The two were anxious to go public with their love for one another. Almost immediately, when the show wrapped up, both Katie and Blake went to Instagram to share posts celebrating each other and their love. Blake made one fascinating comment. He referred to Katie by a nickname. What was it?

Blake Moynes called Katie Thurston by a cute nickname; what was it?

Blake Moynes and Katie Thurston went to Instagram to express their love for one another. In Blake’s post, he concluded his sentiments by addressing Katie by her nickname. He then confirmed that yes, it is the nickname he calls her. What is it?

Blake calls Katie “buggy.” So far, he’s not said exactly why he chose to call her buggy. But, he said, “I love you, buggy. Ya, that’s my nickname for her. Buggy.”

What else did Blake have to say about Katie? Blake said, “🥂cheers to the last rose & last huge 🍾 popping bottles to new beginnings with @thekatiethurston !” He continued, “So excited to start our best f*cking life! You’re a rock. My rock. A mature, nurturing, supportive & loving partner who continues to impress me every day. We have an adventure called life ahead of us, and I hope you know I’ll do everything I can to help, push and encourage you to make the most of every little bit of it!”

They’ve been making media rounds.

Other interesting facts have surfaced since Blake and Katie got engaged. They’ve made the media rounds and been asked tough questions. One question asked by David Spade on Jimmy Kimmel Live was how many times they’ve been intimate. The answer was 43 from Katie and 30 from Blake. They agreed it was somewhere right around there.

Since then, they were asked even more about that hot topic. There wasn’t too much to do during their happy couple weekends since they were confined to a house. So, they made the most of their time together.

Right now, the couple is focused on getting to know each other and living their life together finally in the public eye. They’ve been hiding their relationship from the public for three months. Plus, Katie admits she didn’t even tell her family she was engaged.

Katie and Blake seem perfect together. Cheers to the happy couple as they begin their next adventure.

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