Blake Shelton Clashes With Coaches Over Adding Ariana Grande

The Voice began as just another reality TV singing competition.  Some even dared to call it an “American Idol wannabe.”  But gradually, during those initial trial-and-error seasons, The Voice proved that it could soar on its own.

What distinguished the show wasn’t so much those enormous red swiveling chairs in which the celebrity coaches perched, used to force them to listen only to the voices of the initial contenders rather than see their faces and bodies.

Instead, the real intrigue has proven to be the often hilarious bickering among the coaches themselves.  Ranging from Adam Levine (we’ll miss you, Mr. Tattoo!) to Gwen Stefani (who found love behind one of those oversized chairs!), the coaches light up the show with their desire to win.

And, in the process, they admit to relishing poking fun at themselves and each other.  As a result, rumors prior to each season about who will coach tend to provide all sorts of speculation.  Find out below what the coaches say about the newest coach on The Voice!

The Voice – Ariana Grande Joins The Voice: Who Does She Replace?

When The Voice begins season 21, fans will notice a new face in one of those swiveling red chairs.  Ariana Grande has become the newest coach on the block of chairs, hoping to mentor a lucky singer to the win.

As long-time viewers know, The Voice does not change the number of coaches each season.  The only shift thus far has resided in which celebrity singers populate those chairs.

That opens up the question: With Ariana joining The Voice, who is she replacing?  Sorry, Nick Jonas fans. But Grande will take over Nick’s seat this season.

As for how Jonas feels about that change, he recently opened up about his views in a chat with current coaches Blake Shelton, John Legend, and Kelly Clarkson, reported Billboard.

“Ariana, as we all know, is one of the best singers in the game, and she’s gonna be an incredible coach,” predicted Nick.  In addition, Jonas lived up to the coaches’ reputation for teasing one another.

“I think the only advice I would give is just not to trust any one of you, any word you say,” he joked with Legend, Shelton, and Clarkson.

But overall, Nick put a positive spin on giving up his chair on The Voice to Grande.  “But she’s gonna kill it. She’ll be great,” Jonas summed up.

The Voice – How Do The Other Coaches Feel About Ariana Grande?

Legend agreed with Jonas in forecasting a bright future for Ariana on The Voice.  “Ariana has a huge fanbase and they are fervent, and if they show up to vote, then we’re all in trouble,” pointed out John.

Known as the Arianators, Grande’s fans could overwhelm the votes and send her finalist to the stage for the win.  So do Clarkson and Shelton agree?

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