Bloke caught in solo sex act on Google Maps

A sleepy town went viral on TikTok for all the wrong reasons after a bloke was sighted performing a solo sex act through the window on the Street View camera.

The viral video shows an unsuspecting bloke lying with his genitals in hand in full view of the window as the Google Maps van drove past in Bradworthy, Devon.

It was later shared to Twitter, where it received over 22,000 likes as user Gabriel Shoe wrote: “Imagine getting busted on Google Maps.”

Naturally, fans of Street View antics went wild over the snap as suggested the bloke sue Google for catching him in the act.

One user said: “Proper danger toss on a main square.”

Twitter users say the man should sue Google for catching him in the solo sex act

Another wrote: “The poor git. Just doing what blokes do in the privacy of his own home and Google take his photo. Hope he sues for millions.”

A third added: “This is crazy they would have to hear from my lawyers.”

A fourth said: “Sadly Google got wind of this and it’s now been ‘blanked’ out.”

The video also sparked speculation that the bloke was caught showing himself a good time in the Bradworthy Inn.

However, it has since been claimed that the house is actually located a few metres away from the local pub.

street view Bradworthy Inn
The street near Bradworthy Inn in Devon

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Local Liam Curtis clarified for HITC: “To clear up and confirm some facts, the video in question does not include ‘Bradworthy Inn’, which is the assumption trending on TikTok.

“TikTok’s viral video, in fact, includes a house a few hundred metres to the left of the now-famous pub.

“A lot goes on at the Bradworthy Inn, but people playing with themselves isn’t one of them. At least, not during the day, which is when the viral video was captured.”

It has not been confirmed whether the man is aware of the snaps – but in future, he should probably close the blinds first.


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