Bloke raging after wife buys £650 necklace with his money as a birthday gift

A bloke has revealed that his wife used his account to buy herself an expensive necklace for her birthday without telling him – and he was fuming.

Posting anonymously on Reddit, he asked if he was wrong to make her return the costly gift.

The man, aged 34, from the US, described what happened in the lead up to his wife’s antics.

He acknowledged that it was his 30-year-old wife’s birthday several weeks ago and she’d been fixated on the gift she desired.

He said: “She was very honest and vocal about what she wanted and it was a SL buckled bracelet.”

The jewellery item costs around £220 and the man chose to use his account to buy her it rather than their joint account, reports the Sun.

He noted: “Since money is tight this gift broke my back but still I wanted her to feel appreciated at her birthday.”

The couple argued after he found out the truth

And, when he gave his wife the gift she appeared thrilled and put it on immediately, but he later found out she had ordered herself a second present on his account.

She had purchased a £659 ($900) necklace. When confronted about it, she said the gift was meant to be from him.

The bloke added: “I asked why she bought herself a gift knowing I already purchased her a gift and asked why she used my money.

“She nervously said she wasn’t sure that I was going to get her anything for her birthday and so she planned ahead and bought the necklace.”

He told her he was angry as it was too much money to spend on a present especially when he had already bought her one.

On Reddit, he continued: “I told her since I did bring her the gift she wanted then she needed to return the ‘alternative’ gift she bought for herself.

“She refused and argued that I was being heartless and selfish to make her return her birthday gift.”

The man wanted to know whether he was wrong in making her return the 'gift'
The man wanted to know whether he was wrong in making her return the ‘gift’

He offered to return it himself, but she refused and said she’d rather send back the £220 bracelet.

This wasn’t an option as the bloke said he’d never agreed to buy the necklace which was almost three times the price of the gift he had purchased her.

Eventually, she relented and did send it back, but was “sulking”, said the man.

He commented: “(She said) I’m a controlling jerk with no regard for her feelings on her birthday.

“She got her sister involved and she ended up calling me an abusive a*****e for making money a priority over my wife’s happiness.

“It’s been 2 weeks and she’s still cold shouldering me.”

Replying to the post, most Reddit users agreed that he was in the right and she shouldn’t have spent his money behind his back.

One person said: “I would check my accounts to make sure she hasn’t purchased any other gifts.”

Another added: “Holy cow, money is not tight for our family, but I would freak out (in a bad way) if my husband bought me something for $900!

“That is insane, setting aside the fact that she STOLE the money.”

A third added: “I get the feeling she has done this before, only this time she got greedy and bought something so big he noticed it.”

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