Blokes added a huge 3,766 feet to their penises over the past two decades, stats reveal

Blokes have added a whopping 3,766 feet to their members in the past 20 years, stats show.

Throughout this period, 41,000 lads splashed out to buy a penis extender.

And there was a surge in sales during lockdown as bored men looked to use their spare time wisely, reports The Sun.

A hard penis measures 5.16 inches (13.12cm) on average.

The willy enlargers can add an inch if used for 1,000 hours over a period of four to six months, companies claim.

But there is a lack of solid evidence the technique works, say boffins at Medical News.

They reckon manual penis stretching isn’t all it’s cracked up to be – and even when there is improvement, it’s likely to be modest or temporary.

Experts say men nowadays are more aware of their looks

Others would rather pay thousands to get surgery on their todger, with some operations costing as much as £7,000.

Despite the steep prices, even this might not have the desired effect.

Just 20 per cent of men who had the op were pleased with the end result, according to a study by the Sexual Medicine Reviews journal.

Some experts have also claimed going under the knife is “ineffective and risky”.

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Lockdown gave men more time to question their members

Jes Bech Müller, CEO of a penis extender company, said: “Penis enlargement surgery can cause scar tissue and lead to the opposite of the intended result — penis contraction for, example.”

His online firm sells manual extension kits starting at £187 from Danish company Jes-Extender.

Huzefa Motorwala, at, added: “More and more British men are becoming aware of the availability of an effortless and safe penis enlargement solution.

“Men nowadays are generally more aware of their looks — and where it used to be mostly regarding body image and getting bigger muscles, men are now looking to other parts of their bodies for improvements.”

Earlier this month, the man with one of the biggest penises in a world – coming in at a huge 13.5 inches when erect – admitted there are downsizes to a massive willy.

Jonah Falcon, who claims his foreskin can completely envelop a doorknob, says his appendage has stopped him from getting work.

And holidays can become a nightmare too – officials at San Francisco Airport even thought he may have been a “biological threat” after spotting his huge bulge.

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