Bloke’s gory realistic Halloween ‘crime scene’ decor sparks multiple police visits

A bloke who decorated his house with a realistic murder scene is back at it again to scare his neighbours this Halloween.

Last year, artist and engineer Steven Novak laid out used nearly two dozen gallons of fake blood to create the gruesome murder scene which featured a man killed by a chainsaw, a “body bag” and a wheelbarrow full of limbs.

Another ‘body’ had its head pulverised by a fake safe on the front porch, which was covered in a large puddle of ‘blood’ that spilled out onto the footpath.

The scene horrified his neighbours so much so that several 911 calls were placed to investigate the scene.

A Dallas artist’s blood-soaked Halloween display has prompted several calls to his home made by concerned neighbors

However, that has not deterred him from trying it again.

Speaking to The Dallas Observer, Novak said the police were an “absolute gas” and were welcome to come out and take photos.

He added: “Last year’s hits remain: the safe, ladder, chainsaw, Roof Guy and my girlfriend. Also, the fake blood made of corn syrup on the sidewalk.

“But there are lots of new details; 55-gallon drums are now out by the curb filled up with the shredded party [of guests].

novak's fake crime scene
Cops from the Dallas Police Department were often called to Steven’s home

“I made the body parts this year by cutting up mannequins then filling them with skeleton parts and Great Stuff insulation foam.

“There are lots of new gimmicks to this year’s caper.

“The wood chipper blood fountain being the clear centrepiece and easily the most challenging prop.

“It took me months to find an old wood chipper for sale. The sellers were not pleased with its new purpose.”

Steven Novak 'hyperreal' horror halloween decor
Steven Novak used 20 gallons of fake blood to create his ‘hyperreal’ horror

The news comes after a Halloween-enthusiast has wowed social media users across the world with his incredible decorations – including a giant skeleton emerging from his house.

Alan Perkins has been posting regular updates and developments for the creepiest house of the season.

The post which now has over 40k Facebook reactions and 7,000 comments show a huge skeleton hand-mounted the roof of his front porch as a giant boney arm reaches around the side to pick up a smaller skeletal body.

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