Bobby Giancola admitted his Below Deck Med Season 2 Regret

Bobby Giancola admitted his Below Deck Med Season 2 regret. He starred in the series alongside former chief stew Hannah Ferrier. The two crew members could never get along. They would get into some pretty nasty fights.

Hannah often felt like an outcast on the show. She could never seem to get anyone to side with her. Both Bobby and Hannah have since moved on from their yachting days. Bobby stars alongside Colin Macy-O’Toole on Galley Talk.

The two have become best friends. It’s no surprise since they’re both fan favorites. Read on to see what Bobby has to say about his fights with Hannah.

Bobby Giancola admits his regrets

The Below Deck Med alum is feeling regretful. Bobby Giancola spoke to Us Weekly about his fights with Hannah Ferrier during Season 2 of the franchise. The former firefighter admitted that he “almost quit the show.” Bobby described some of the regrets he had about what happened between them.

“I wish I would have walked away. It’s one of those things where, when alcohol is infused on both ends, it’s hard to agree to disagree and just curb it for another day,” Bobby Giancola told Us Weekly. “Honestly, I think a lot of the fights that happened between Hannah and I were [based on] major miscommunication.”

During that season, Hannah and Bobby often argued. The former deckhand accused the Aussie of talking about him to Malia White. Bobby wasn’t used to working with someone like Hannah. Of course, their fights made for good TV.

“I was on a TV show. So there was things I would ask someone and I would get a yes from them. But then in [Hannah’s] eyes, it was a no because, in the real yachting world, we can’t do that,” Bobby explained. “But I’m like, ‘We’re filming a TV show with rules [that] can be bent a little bit.’ So that’s where I think our butting heads happened a lot.”

There were issues “outside” of Below Deck Med

Most of the fights between Bobby Giancola and Hannah Ferrier took place in Season 2 of Below Deck Med. However, Bobby revealed that there were more issues “outside of the show” that played into that season. The two became friends after the first season. Then, drama happened between the crew members that was never seen on the show.

Bobby freaked out when he noticed Hannah talking to Malia. He compared it to a time that involved their coworker Lauren Cohen. At the time, Bobby claimed that Hannah ruined his chances with Lauren. As for Hannah, she was just being a good friend.

“It was hard in between the first two seasons. Our crazy drama happened between us off camera and it was just spilled over into the second season,” Bobby Giancola continued. “And nobody understood why I would, like, lose my temper over Hannah over something small. But for me, it wasn’t small because it was a continuing thing that had been happening over the last couple of years.”

The two could never come to terms with their drama. Their fights trickled into the Season 2 reunion. Now, Bobby is feeling reflective and regretful. Hopefully, the two can move on from their past.

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