Bobby Giancola reflects on Hannah Ferrier fights, reveals his regret about their drama

Bobby spills the tea on all the drama with Hannah that went down on Below Deck Med. Pic credit: Bravo

Below Deck Mediterranean alum Bobby Giancola has reflected on all those Hannah Ferrier fights and revealed his regrets about their drama.

Hannah and Bobby appeared on Below Deck Med Season 1 and Season 2 together. Those who watched the show know they were far from friends. Their fights were epic and brought so many jaw-dropping moments to the hit-yachting series.

It’s been years since Bobby and Hannah worked together. The deckhand is now looking back at that time, revealing what fueled their fights.

Below Deck Mediterranean alum Bobby Giancola reflects on Hannah Ferrier fights

In a recent interview with Us Weekly, Bobby reflected on his fights with Hannah, sharing off-screen drama between seasons added to their tension.

“It was hard in between the first two seasons. Our crazy drama happened between us off-camera, and it just spilled over into the second season,” Bobby spilled. “And nobody understood why I would, like, lose my temper over Hannah over something small. But for me, it wasn’t small because it was a continuing thing that had been happening over the last couple of years.”

One source of conflict was how the two of them viewed their jobs since they were yachting but filming a television show too.

“I was on a TV show. So, there was things I would ask someone, and I would get a yes from them. But then, in Hannah’s eyes, it was a no because, in the real yachting world, we can’t do that. But I’m, like, ‘We’re filming a TV show with rules that can be bent a little bit.’ So that’s where I think our butting heads happened a lot,” Bobby expressed.

Hannah bad-mouthing Bobby to Malia White was also another course of tension between the two crew members.

What does Bobby Giancola regret about Hannah Ferrier drama?

Despite all their heated moments, Bobby regrets his drama with Hannah and how it went down.

“I wish I would have walked away. It’s one of those things where, when alcohol is infused on both ends, it’s hard to agree to disagree and just curb it for another day,” the deckhand declared.

Bobby also admits a lot of his issues with Hannah stemmed from miscommunication, including the drama that went down with Lauren Cohen.

Although he had no problems looking back, Bobby Giancola has moved on from Hannah Ferrier and their Below Deck Mediterranean drama. Bobby shared the two have not talked since they were on the show.

These days, Bobby enjoys working as a licensed yacht broker and appears on Galley Talk: Below Deck Mediterranean.

Were you Team Bobby or Team Hannah?

Below Deck Mediterranean airs Mondays at 9/8c on Bravo.


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