Body language expert reveals how to read your crush’s mind & tell if they REALLY fancy you

FIRST dates can be daunting, so wouldn’t it be great if you knew how your date felt about you without having to ask?

Well fear not, your prayers have been answered!



Here are the body language signs to look out for when on a dateCredit: Getty

The research team at Busuu has identified the tell-tale body language signs to look out for on a first date.

You might want to take some notes if you’re heading off on a date anytime soon…

A person’s body language can hold thousands of different messages – and can sometimes be more telling of their feelings than what they say.

Expressions, physical touch, and other gestures can give a great insight into how another person feels, especially when it comes to romance.

But also a person’s feet, nostrils and eyes can give away their feelings too.

A spokesperson for Busuu said: “First dates can be a nervy affair and it can be really difficult to gauge whether somebody likes you straight off the bat.

“It’s important to not only be able to recognise these visual cues but to actually demonstrate them yourself.

“Eye contact, an open body stance, and a warm smile are all perfect non-verbal cues to show your date that you’re attracted to them, but you’re also being attentive and care about what they have to say.”

“Equally, don’t be worried if you can’t spot any body language signs in your date. These aren’t definitive.

Flared nostrils

Look at nostril movement people!

Flared nostrils can be a strong indicator that your date may be sexually attracted to you.

Dilated pupils

A persons’ eyes can tell all…

It has been shown that dilated pupils can be caused by the surge of dopamine that you get when you’re attracted to someone.

Eye contact

Eye contact is important, so make sure you look directly into your dates’ eyes.

If your date maintains eye contact, not only could they be attracted to you, but it’s likely they’re being sincere and really listening to what you’re saying.


Is your date sitting close to you?

If your date seems to be leaning in close, it shows they’re interested in you and they’re engaged in the conversation.

On the other hand, if the person seems to be keeping their distance, they aren’t necessarily not attracted to you.

First dates can be daunting and physical distance could just be nerves or shyness.


It’s always nice to smile, right?

A smile can go a long way, but can also induce the release of dopamine in someone else’s brain.

Facial expressions often display someone’s true emotions towards you, so take a smile as a good sign.

Scrambling words

Is your date fumbling their words?

There is a good chance that if your date is lost for words, they might be anxious or nervous.

People can become tongue-tied when they find someone attractive.

Feet position

Look at their feet!

Who would have thought your date’s toes could be so telling of their attraction towards you?

Well, if you notice that their feet are pointing inwards then you know they like you.

Keep an eye on your dates' feet to see if they are attracted to you


Keep an eye on your dates’ feet to see if they are attracted to youCredit: Getty

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