Body positive influencer branded ‘revolting’ and ‘disgrace to females’ hits back at trolls

Social media is a great way to keep in touch with family and friends.

However, staying easily connected with people can come with its downsides, especially if you have a large following.

This is the case for influencer and model Karina Irby who often receives a barrage of hate messages from trolls.

The Australian beauty usually posts body positive snaps to her Instagram, which often provide refreshing content to her 1.2 million followers.

Despite her confidence and empowering snaps, Karina yet again has been targeted by keyboard warriors.

In her latest post, Karina took to her Instagram account in a video to ‘name and shame’ trolls who have attacked her appearance and even her existence.

Karina bares her bum as she dances around the trolls comments

Defying the nasty comments, Karina dances in the video embracing her curves in a black thong and Family Guy crop top, alongside some screenshots of some of the vile comments she has received.

Horrifically, some of the messages attached consisted of remarks that read: “You’re having a whale of a time. Haha fat b****” and “WTF is wrong with your legs.”

The stunning influencer captioned the motivational post: “NAME AND SHAME. Yes I put myself out there on the internet but that doesn’t allow you the right to abuse, shame and attack me. Or anyone for that matter.”

Karina Irby
The influencer danced away the negative comments

Karina recalled some of the disgusting comments she has received: “I get told to end my life. I’m fat. I’m revolting. I’m a disgrace to females.”

“Normally people’s excuse is – “Well what do you expect when you have a few followers and post bikini photos? You’re asking for it.”

“I can assure you I’m not.”

“But unfortunately for you I’m stronger than what you think and I’ll always come out on top thrusting to your STUPID comments…”

Karina Irby in bikini
Karina often posts ‘real’ content on her Instagram

She ended the post on a positive note and told her followers: “I hope other girls online who are getting these same messages daily can join in the good vibes.”

People fled to the comments to praise Karina for being so vocal about standing up to the nasty keyboard warriors and were left inspired by her courage.

One user commented: “What is wrong with people?! You’re everything and more girlfriend.”

Another person added: “I can’t believe people talk like this to another person. This is seriously why I don’t post anything. More people need to ‘Name & Shame.’ Good on you!”

Whilst a third user noted: “You are literally incredible and inspire me so much. Keep going girlfriend.”

Meanwhile, another woman said: “Ughhhh I just have so much love and admiration for you!!! You are so strong and empowering!”

A fifth fan stated: “ You are amazing! Don’t let haters dull your sparkle, their posts are a reflection of them and their unhappy existence.”

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