‘Bold and the Beautiful’: Ridge Forrester Regrets Probe

Bold and the Beautiful predictions say Ridge Forrester‘s (Thorsten Kaye) probe gets him dirt but not exactly what he asked for on the CBS soap. Ridge tasks Justin Barber (Aaron D. Spears) with investigating Quinn Fuller (Rena Sofer). He starts with clear directions – he wants the scoop on his stepmom. But will he come to regret this assignment?

Bold and the Beautiful: Ridge Forrester Notes Stepmother Missing For Martinis

B&B spoilers suggest that Ridge Forrester still can’t shake off his visit with his father Eric Forrester (John McCook). Ridge and his wife, Brooke Logan (Katherine Kelly Lang) made an unannounced visit to the mansion last week on Bold and the Beautiful. What they found made them very suspicious and worried about the family patriarch.

It was late in the evening on B&B when the couple barged in on his dad. What those two saw there disturbed Eric’s son and daughter-in-law. They walked in on Eric having a drink alone. Brooke immediately wanted to know where his wife was and Ridge was right there with the same questions on Bold and the Beautiful.


He struggled with that question as Ridge Forrester and his spouse continued to bombard him with more Quinn inquiries. They painted a rather sad picture for Eric Forrester during that visit seen on Bold and the Beautiful last week. Ridge, along with Brooke, described the scene from their perspective for the head of the family.

They see Eric being home alone drinking. But they also made sure to add that Quinn should be at home with him. Brooke suggested that Quinn Fuller could be out with another man, even possibly Carter Walton (Lawrence Saint-Victor) on Bold and the Beautiful. And of course, her spouse knows that is exactly where she was.

Suspicious Son Wants No Stone Unturned on B&B

Bold and the Beautiful spoilers point to Justin Barber doing a bang-up job with this new assignment. Sure, he brings home the salacious proof about Quinn Fuller and her activities Carter. But B&B predictions see Justin catching a bigger fish beyond the waters assigned. It’s not what Ridge Forrester expected or wanted him to find. It may even play out as information about Eric that even his son didn’t know.

With all the money the Forrester family has, why not just hire a certified private investigator? At least one that offers confidentiality and sticks to it. Instead, Ridge opens the door to a man who is ready to take down his past employer – which was also his best friend – Bill Spencer (Don Diamont).

So, why send this guy to stalk Quinn when it could blow up on the family? Don’t forget, whatever Justin finds, the risk is there that he might blab it to his former boss, or the press. Bold and the Beautiful predictions wonder if Justin finds a different use for what he discovers other than helping Ridge Forrester ruin his stepmom’s life.

As previously discussed on Soap Dirt, Justin plays dirty. And, if anyone should know that it’s the dress designer since he pushed him out of a helicopter on Dollar Bill’s orders. That may be Bold and the Beautiful ancient history but it wasn’t long ago that the lawyer held Thomas Forrester (Matthew Atkinson) in a cage. So why use Justin for such a delicate matter?

Bold and the Beautiful Predictions: Regrets for Ridge Rush In?

B&B spoilers think that Ridge Forrester makes a huge mistake tasking the skeevy lawyer with this investigation. Sure, he makes a great undercover detective because he has no scruples. So, whether the law allows it or not, he’ll go anywhere to find evidence. And… that’s what the co-CEO wants. Or does he?

Bold and the Beautiful probably doesn’t bring Justin back to do just one errand for Ridge. No, they will more than likely highlight his devious ways. So, B&B predictions ask whether the devious counselor not only finds out info on Quinn but the rest of the designing family as well – including Eric Forrester.

The possibility of this search unearthing something about Eric seems right up B&B’s alley. Since he’s Quinn’s husband he’ll likely pop up in this investigation. So, to add more to the old drama of Quinn with Carter in a heated affair, Ridge may have unintentionally made his father a target of even more humiliation.

What Justin Barber finds is anybody’s guess . But you can be sure he isn’t about to hand over his report to the dressmaker and retreat. No, that is probably not going to happen. It looks more like this Bold and the Beautiful look at Quinn’s habits explodes in the dutiful son’s face. This will probably give Ridge Forrester even more problems when it comes to protecting his father.


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