Bondi Milk Run billboard advertises 10 minute bags for locals

A sign advertising “bags” in Bondi has raised eyebrows after it was spotted on one of the eastern suburb’s busy streets over the weekend.

A cheeky sign displayed on a wall in Bondi has raised eyebrows after a photo of the advertisement emerged online over the weekend.

The huge banner covered the entire surface area of a brick wall in the trendy inner eastern suburb, where it drew attention from a shocked local last week.

One detail in particular left the man unable to continue his commute without snapping a photo and sharing it to Facebook.

The sign was plastered across the wall by grocery delivery company Milk Run and teased Bondi locals with 10-minute delivery of “bags”.

“Hey Bondi, get bags delivered in 10 mins,” part of the sign read.

The company appeared to be playing into the reputation of people in the area having a fondness for “bags”, which is popular slang for cocaine.

The risky advertising was widely praised in comments to the post, with dozens of locals tagging friends and joking about how the offer was a great deal.

A single gram of the addictive drug can typically cost anywhere between $250 and $500.

One comment said the service was “so good”, while someone else said it was “life saving”, and a third argued the banner was “definitely the ad of the week”.

Others jokingly asked how many grams were in one bag, and many others tagged their friends.

“In case you’re stuck over the weekend hun,” one woman wrote, tagging her friend.

The area has long been known as a hotspot for the sharing of illicit substances, and cocaine in particular.

In one example, a woman earlier this year allegedly interrupted a plain-clothed police officer addressing a man in a stopped car because she planned to buy cocaine from him.

She allegedly unwittingly exposed her illegal deal directly to the officer, and implicated the driver in the process.

Police had originally stopped the driver for allegedly going the wrong way down a one-way road and using his phone while driving, but ended up slapping him with drug charges.

More recently, Magistrate Ross Hudson slammed the drug problem in Sydney’s eastern suburbs during his sentencing of socialite Kristin Fisher last week for possessing two bags of cocaine in Bondi earlier in 2021.

“The eastern suburbs of Sydney must be becoming fed up with drug dealing in this state. It really is a stain on our community,” Magistrate Hudson told Waverley Local Court on Wednesday, The Daily Telegraph reported.

“In terms of people who think cocaine and other drugs are just acceptable, that they are part of our fabric, that they are part of a night out … they are not. It (cocaine) is a criminal, illegal drug.” contacted Milk Run for comment.

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