Boosie Reacts To DC Comics’ Robin Coming Out With Gay Agenda Paranoia

Noted longtime comic book fan Boosie (he wrote as sarcastically as humanly possible) apparently has thoughts about the recent DC Comics news that has been circulating the blogosphere this week: the reveal that one of Batman’s small fleet of sidekicks is bisexual. Of course Boosie has thoughts about this news, it involves his favorite topic. No, not superhero comic books, which I doubt he’s purchased at any point over the last 20 years. The other thing. You know, other people’s sexuality, which doesn’t affect him at all. That thing.

Posting a screenshot from an Instagram user’s Story on his Twitter, Boosie performatively wrung his hands about “protecting the children,” which is rich coming from someone who admitted to paying a grown woman to sexually abuse his own teenaged child. Meanwhile, the comic book in question, Batman Urban Legends, follows multiple other Bat-Family characters, so it’s unlikely that this storyline, in which Robin #3, Tim Drake, agrees to go on a date with a longtime friend (so far, this is all that’s been published, but clickbait gotta clickbait), will take up too much page space in forthcoming issues.

Meanwhile, if anyone cared to get into it, there’s already tons of scholarship about the homoerotic undertones of Batman’s relationships with the various Robins (mostly the original, Dick Grayson) — most of which already betray a lack of understanding of the two characters’ (ahem) dynamic, given that one’s a pre-teen when introduced and the gay panic surrounding it mostly had to do with the lack of pants on Robin’s uniform. More recent Robins have all dropped the leotard for full leggings so even that’s outdated now.

But none of that will ever stop Boosie from sharing his homophobic opinions, something he’s done for years and which kicked into overdrive this month after DaBaby was booted from a slate of summer festivals over his own homophobic comments.

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