Bowel surgeon reveals what spoon is used for and TikTok followers freaked out

Dr Karan Rajan has taken a break from theatre to explain why he needs to use a special spoon during bowel surgery

Dr Karan Rajan told his TikTok followers he has been using a special spoon to “scoop out the forbidden chocolate pudding”

An NHS surgeon surprised and disturbed thousands of TikTok followers when he revealed why he needs a spoon in the operating theatre.

During a video, Dr Karan Rajan recounted a case where he used the utensil to remove poo from a severely constipated patient’s bum, in order to treat an abscess in their rectum.

The doctor’s unsettling video has been watched more than 103,000 times since it was posted on Thursday and there are almost 1,000 comments, the Daily Star reports.

“Today I used a spoon during surgery for this case: manual evacuation of impacted faeces from the rectum,” he said.

“It’s intended to scoop out the forbidden chocolate pudding.

“It may look like a regular dessert spoon but it’s not – it’s a rectal spoon.”

Dr Karan Rajan told his followers he uses a special spoon to “scoop out the forbidden chocolate pudding”

Dr Karan added: “It comes in two different sizes for different bottoms, tablespoon size and teaspoon size for tight bottoms.

“It even comes in its own sterile package.

“Anyway, I got my juniors to do the dirty work because it’s a good training case.”

The respected London-based surgeon has more than 4 million followers on TikTok and he regularly posts videos to tackle misinformation about Covid-19 medicine.

It comes as NHS bosses have admitted they may not be able to reduce waits of more than a year, after an enormous backlog built up during the pandemic, and families have resorted to paying thousands of pounds for private healthcare.

The Mirror yesterday revealed the cost of treatment based on 26 private hospitals and found the average price for 14 of the UK’s most commonly required treatments shows a hip replacement will set you back £12,198 and a knee replacement £13,205.

Everyday procedures cost thousands, with wisdom tooth removal at £2,350, tonsil removal at £2,772 and hernia repair at £3,352. And cataract surgery costs £2,518, according to the research by My Tribe Insurance.

The admission about year-long waits comes in NHS England planning documents for the next six months.

NHS England chief executive Amanda Pritchard told its board meeting: “We can and should assume things will get even tougher over winter.”

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