Brantley Gilbert, Hardy & Toby Keith Team Up For “The Worst Country Song Of All Time” Music Video

They had some fun with this one.

Brantley Gilbert, Hardy and Toby Keith recently teamed up for “The Worst Country Song Of All Time,” but unfortunately for them, Trace Adkins, Luke Bryan and Pitbull teamed up for the actual worst country song of all time shortly after… but that’s another story for another time…

What began as a joke quickly turned into a trip to the studio and an appearance from Toby Keith, and today, we officially have the music video for the new single.

For Gilbert, it was all about getting a laugh, especially after the kind of year we’ve all had:

“I honestly never thought we’d get this far with this song.

It really started as a goofy idea that we were having fun with, and we’ve been glad to bring a laugh to folks this summer after such a rough year.”

Channeling their inner Point Break with the President masks, the video features a number of current and former world leaders.

A sax playing Slick Willie makes an appearance as well as Hillary Clinton. Barry O and The Donald are in there, as well as current President Joe Biden (who spends a lot of time sleeping). And finally with a nod to the second verse, Vladimir Putin and Kim Jong-un are present as well.

And while folks may scoff at the caricaturization of politicians, or even the subject matter of the song, Gilbert once again reminds viewers to relax and have a laugh:

“If you take it seriously enough to criticize it… you’re missing the whole point.”

Check it out.

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