Bride angry after she spots groom watching rugby on his phone at their own wedding

A woman was stunned after she spotted her new husband watching rugby on his phone during their actual wedding.

Posting on TikTok, an Australian couple called Dani and Blake shared a memory from their wedding day ahead of their one year anniversary. While it seemed a lovely occasion in general, Dani shared the shock she felt when she spotted Blake propping his phone up against the wedding cake stand to watch the game.

The video said: “I still can’t believe my husband did this at our wedding.”

The camera then panned from Blake’s phone screening the game over to Dani in her wedding dress looking incredibly unimpressed by the whole situation.

In the clip, he then justified the whole thing by shrugging and simply saying: “The footy’s on.”

Despite Dani’s fury, some people thought Blake was a “legend” for managing to watch the game at his wedding.

One person said: “Absolute legend!!!”

Another wrote: “Good on him what a legend.”

A third even added: “I can’t believe you would organise a wedding while the footy was on.”

But others were firmly on Dan’s side. One commented: “Oh hell no.”

Another said: “This is why I’m not dating someone obsessed with sports.”

Despite Blake’s love of sport, the couple are still very much together and even have a baby now so it seems like Dani did forgive him.

Still, not ideal. If you want to take a look at Blake glued to his phone instead of his wife, you can do so here.

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