Bride disgusted when step mother-in-law walks down aisle in cream-coloured gown

A fuming bride has shared a video of her stepmother-in-law “ruining” her wedding by marching down the aisle in a long cream-coloured dress.

In the clip, uploaded on Reddit on Monday (August 30) the bride’s husband-to-be is walking down the aisle looking very polished in a black suit with a white rose in his buttonhole.

As he heads down, a woman said to be the girlfriend of his father walks down in the opposite direction, brushing past him as she makes her way to a seat.

He appears to glance at her then roll his eyes and say: “Jesus Christ.”

The video was captioned: “Father-in-Law’s girlfriend ruined our ceremony by walking in front of my husband down the aisle… proceeded to ignore us the entire weekend.”

The unnamed woman was criticised on Reddit

Reddit users jumped in to defend the bride and said her stepmother-in-law should have been more considerate.

One person joked: “Cackling at his facial expression. It’s almost like he wasn’t at all surprised.”

A second quipped: “Hey look she gave you the gift of free comedy.

“I didn’t know clowns were still popular.”

Meanwhile, others took issue with the choice of colour worn by the wedding guest which they felt was too similar to white.

The groom appeared to roll his eyes
The groom appeared to roll his eyes

“…and of course she’s wearing off-white. Because of course,” commented one user.

Somebody else wrote: “Not only is it off-white enough to be cringey at a wedding, the actual colour is god-awful.”

One user defended the guest and said: “No, she’s wearing beige. Her dress color is PERFECTLY FINE.”

The bride later clarified that she still had a lovely wedding day and it couldn’t be ruined by the actions of one person.

She commented further down in the post: “For the record I use the term ‘ruined’ facetiously!

“…We have lovely memories and most importantly we have each other!”

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