Bride fuming after ‘controlling’ mother-in-law demands ALL her friends come to the wedding as she’s paying for the bar

A BRIDE was left shocked after her mother-in-law has demanded her friends be added to the small guest list – because she is footing the bar bill.

Knowing that the couple were planning a small wedding with their nearest and dearest, the mother-in-law said she felt entitled to have her friends there because of her contribution to the cost.


The bride is annoyed as mother-in-law wants to invite her friends to their intimate weddingCredit: Alamy

In an anonymous Facebook group, the bride said: “We are having a small affair with only close friends and family, which she knows.”

“Her argument is that because she is paying for the flowers and the bar, she should have a say on who is invited” added the bride.

Adding to the frustration, the bride-to-be said that her fiance wanted no involvement in the “wedding drama” leaving her to deal with his mother alone.

Annoyed at her current situation the woman asked was it better to just give her MIL what she wants: “Do I put my foot down or just let it go? I hate confrontation.”

Group members responded stating that it is her day, and she should not just accept the mother-in-law’s demands.

“Put your foot down respectfully, if you don’t she’ll run your marriage,” said one woman adding “‘Put her in her place right now in his presence.”

Other’s pointed out that it was detrimental to set the tone for her future marriage, and relationship with her in-laws.

“You and your fiancé need to seriously discuss this together and go to your mother-in-law on a united front,” said one person.

Other’s suggested that since the MIL made this decision based on her contribution, perhaps the bride and groom should cover the price of the bar and flowers themself.

“‘It may mean some compromises to afford it but it’ll be worth it and remove her power completely” suggested one person,

Another suggested the MIL invoice her guests: “Let her know the total cost for these people… she can pay that on top of her contribution” adding “do not be taken advantage of, it’s your day.”

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People are advising the bride-to-be to put her foot down to her mother-in-law


People are advising the bride-to-be to put her foot down to her mother-in-lawCredit: Getty – Contributor
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