Bride heartbroken after being told her parents would rather miss her wedding than get vaccinated to attend

A BRIDE was left heartbroken when her parents told her they would rather skip her wedding than get vaccinated in order to attend.

Taking to Twitter, Amy Bettys explained that her parents would need to have their two COVID-19 jabs in order for it to be safe to attend her nuptials.


A bride was left heartbroken when her anti-vax parents decided they’d rather miss her wedding than get vaccinatedCredit: Getty

But the anti-vaxxers decided they would rather go jab-free than witness their daughter get married.

In her tweet Amy wrote: “My parents just told me they are choosing not to attend my wedding rather than be vaccinated and AAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!”

She went on to explain that she was hosting her reception in a restaurant, and that “no relationship had been severed” between herself and her parents.

Her tweet has since gone viral, amassing over 56,000 likes and thousands of comments from fellow Twitter users eager to console the bride.

Responding one wrote: “Do you need a mother of the bride? I am available. I promise to praise you, provide support to your bridesmaids, wear a dress in the right color, & cry at the appropriate times.”

“I’m so sorry this has happened, I hope you day is still special,” wrote another.

A third added: “I can’t imagine the pain you must feel that these ridiculous conspiracy theories are more important to them than honoring their child at their wedding.”

Amy later shared a follow-up tweet thanking her followers for their well-wishers. 

She said: “Thank you for all the kind words and offers of stand-in parents, best wishes and even physicians offering to speak to my parents! 

“Even w/o the NYC vax mandate, I would want them to be vaxxed, but I am focusing on accepting what I can’t change and surrounding myself & S.O. with (heart emoji).”

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