Bride horrified by cheapskate mum’s used lingerie offer

A self-confessed cheapskate mum devised a way to save money on wedding night lingerie for her daughter – leaving the bride horrified.

A self-confessed cheapskate mum who refused to spend more than $958 on her daughter’s wedding has revealed she gave her second-hand lingerie for her wedding night.

American woman Shelley Watson, who appears in the new TLC series So Freakin Cheap has been penny pinching for years.

And she wasn‘t prepared to budge an inch when it came to her daughter Brittany’s wedding, much to the bride’s horror.

As the 23-year-old prepares to say her I-dos in the office of a chiropractor – her mum presents her with a few tokens of love and luck for her big day.

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In line with tradition, Shelley gives her daughter a necklace as her something borrowed and something blue, with Brittany‘s veil being her something new.

But the something old was perhaps a little bit less traditional.

“This is the lingerie that I had on my wedding night, I figured you didn’t have anything,” Shelley says, handing Brittany a well-worn corset.

“It’s been washed,” she reassured her, but Brittany is less than impressed.

She gags: “That’s my mum’s, I don’t wanna wear something and think about my mum and dad. I’m genuinely traumatised by that lingerie.”

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But super saver Shelley can‘t see anything wrong with it.

“Being cheap means a lot of sharing, basically we share everything, including underwear sometimes,” she admits.

This isn’t her first time organising a wedding on a budget, having previously organised her daughter Ashley’s wedding for just $1368 but this time she is determined to do even better.

Speaking on the show, she says: “I am beyond a bargain hunter.

“We did Ashley’s wedding for (US)$1000 and we want to beat that record. I will find a bargain and then I will bargain for the bargain.”

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But the underwear is the least of Brittany‘s worries with Shelley’s youngest left horrified when her mum announces the venue.

She tells her: “We’re going to have your wedding right here in a chiropractor‘s office and it won’t cost us anything.”

Unsurprisingly, Britney is less than thrilled with the clinical setting for her nuptials.

“I am tired of not having an opinion of my own wedding,” she tells older sister Ashley.

“I don’t want Shane’s parents to come and see that this is how my family is.”

And if anyone can understand what she’s going through, it’s Ashley who endured her own budget nuptials a few years ago.

Shelley previously appeared on TLC’s Extreme Cheapskates where she wasdetermined to cut the cost of her eldest daughter‘s wedding to Colby Cosgrove.

Rather than splash out thousands on a grand country house Shelley took her daughter to the local school gym.

“The best part about it is it’s free because my friends work here, it’s the perfect place to get married,” Shelley said.

This story first appeared on The Sun and has been republished with permission.

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