Bride slammed for not wanting fiancé’s gran at reception as she wants to ‘get drunk’

A bride-to-be has come under fire online after admitting she didn’t want her partner’s grandmother at their wedding reception as she wanted to ‘get drunk’ and ‘let loose’

The bride doesn’t want her husband’s gran at the reception (stock photo)

When planning a wedding it can be difficult for couples to agree on their guestlist for the ceremony and evening do.

Some friends you haven’t seen in a while might not make the cut – and even some relatives could get the boot.

One bride-to-be has admitted she and her future husband are currently having issues with their invites as she doesn’t want his grandmother to be there the entire day.

The unnamed woman has taken to Reddit, a month before her wedding, to claim that they’ve been arguing over this issue.

He wants his gran to be there the whole time, but she doesn’t want to have to worry about the older lady or take care of her at the reception.

She wants to get drunk and ‘let loose’ (stock photo)


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In a post on Reddit’s Am I The A**hole forum, the 28-year-old bride wrote: “My fiancé and I are getting married next month. Everything is going great, but we’ve been having a serious argument about having his grandmother at our wedding.

“We’ve agreed to not have kids at our wedding, as we want the reception to be a huge party for adult friends and family with dancing, loud music and an open bar. However, for precisely the same reasons that we don’t want kids there, I don’t want his elderly grandmother at our wedding either.

“I said she can come to the ceremony but not the reception. It will be extremely loud and I want it to be a party atmosphere, and she will be extremely out of place. For context, none of my grandparents are still alive, and he still has his last living grandmother.

This has caused a huge fight, since she said she has always dreamed about being at her grandson’s wedding (he is her oldest grandchild and she probably won’t make it to the next family wedding). Which is why I said that she’s more than welcome at the ceremony, but she will just be too out of place at the reception.”

She goes on to say that both her husband-to-be and the grandma insist she will be just fine at the party, but the bride isn’t convinced.

“I just know it will inevitably lead to us dealing with her and taking care of her, and I just want to get drunk and let loose with my friends,” she adds.

“She’s now really upset and won’t talk to me, and my fiancé is also angry. I think I am within my right to make this request, I am the bride after all. AITA?”

More than 2,400 people have responded to the Reddit post, with many agreeing that the bride is being an a**hole.

One person replied: “YTA. Not sure how you could be more TA to be honest. You’re hearing the love of your life say this is important. You’re hearing someone really important to your partner say this is important. And you’re putting getting drunk ahead of that? FFS. She’s been a grown adult longer than you’ve been alive – I’m pretty sure she can handle any tiredness and noise as she wishes. If I was your partner I’d be noticing the red flags.”

Another wrote: “I’d honestly reconsider marrying someone so selfish and disrespectful to my family. I get not wanting kids there, booze, etc, but God help if someone hurt my grandma’s feelings. What a brat!”

A third added: ” You are not really acting like someone who cares about the person they are marrying and their family. It is totally, utterly normal for a grandmother to be at all the wedding celebrations of her eldest child. You want a party that is all about you. You may as well do that without the wedding.”

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