Bride threatens to call off wedding if fiancé goes to strip club on stag do

When it comes to wedding preparations, the hen and stag dos are the wildest part of it all.

There might be trips abroad, extended hangovers and for some, strippers.

But one bride isn’t keen on the idea of her husband-to-be having his very own stripper on his bachelor party.

In fact, if he does do such a thing on his last night of freedom, she’ll call off the wedding.

She shared her situation on Twitter after admitting to walk out on the relationship if he tried to go against her wishes.

The woman said: “If my fiancé goes to the strip club for his bachelor party to enjoy ‘his last night of freedom’ I will simply support him by giving him all the nights of freedom because I will be cancelling the wedding.”

Ouch, that’s awkward…

The bride has vowed she’ll call off the wedding

The woman insisted she doesn’t have a “negative view” of people who do it for a living, but doesn’t agree with it before a wedding.

She added: “And to be very clear, I do not have a negative view on dancers, strippers, or sex workers.

“I just do not see why someone I’m committed to would need to celebrate their last night before marriage at a strip club.”

She ended a final tweet to say she hopes her future partner will “respect” her wishes.

The woman wrote: “Last thing I’m adding to this, you’re allowed to have boundaries in a healthy relationship.

“You’re not boring or insecure, don’t let anyone convince you it’s normal to be uncomfortable with your partners actions.

“The right person will respect you and the concerns you voice!”

Since she shared her views on social media, the post racked up over 75,000 likes.

Happy group of men at a bachelor party at a nightclub having fun
She said she doesn’t have a problem with strippers

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One wrote: “Wouldn’t going to a strip club be a better way to celebrate a divorce?

“Bachelor parties should be, like, getting hammered and playing video games.”

Another added: “This just screams insecurity to me obviously there’s some trust issues there.”

A third said: “Maybe I’m just not insecure, but I will plan my man’s bachelor party and make sure he has the hottest strippers show.”

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