Bride to ditch pregnant sister-in-law as bridesmaid since she won’t fit in dress

A bride has been slated online for considering on dumping her pregnant sister-in-law as one of her bridesmaids.

The anonymous bridesmaid, believed to be from the US, shared her awkward dilemma on Reddit.

She explained how she had fallen pregnant after struggling with fertility issues and would be five months along by the wedding.

But when she told the bride she might not be able to fit into the dress, she was furious and hinted she might not be involved at all.

The bridesmaid asked if she was being unreasonable but was reassured by fellow Reddit users.

She wrote: “When I saw the dress, I thought it would be best to consult on how this dress would fit at 5 months pregnant.”

The bride wasn’t having any of it

She added: “It was recommended that I look at their maternity line, as it was said the dress would be constricting.

“The consultant said if it HAD to be the dress, I could try sizing up, but it wouldn’t guarantee a comfortable fit.

“Ok. So now I know… now to tell the bride.”

The bridesmaid revealed how she called to tell the bride who told her she didn’t know what to do.

Until they ended the call, the bride texted her a long message saying she didn’t want a bridesmaid wearing something different.

The text read: “It comes down to this: I don’t want one bridesmaid wearing a different dress than the others…

“I know you talked to a consultant, but I don’t think your bump will be that big at 5 months…

“I want everyone to be comfortable, however, you will only be wearing the dress for 6 hours, so it shouldn’t be that uncomfortable…

“You don’t have to wear the heels if those aren’t comfortable… I’ve seen people at 8 and 9mos pregnant wearing dresses similar.

“There is not enough time for everyone to reorder a dress to match yours (keep in mind… I suggested a maternity dress).”

Bride and bridesmaid
The bridesmaid shared her dilemma on Reddit

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After she sent her an image of another dress, the bride made it clear she didn’t want her to stand out from the other bridesmaids.

Since she shared her dilemma on Reddit, many jumped into reassure the pregnant woman that she wasn’t in the wrong.

One said: “Step down now. Bridezilla has a vision for her wedding and pity the person that tries to make her deviate.

“You don’t know how you’re going to feel at the wedding, you could feel fabulous or completely exhausted.

“You and the baby are far more important than bridezilla’s vision.”

Another added: “Umm just pull out of being in the wedding party.

“[Tell her] sorry SIL [sister-in-law] that seems like a lot of hoping I don’t show early.

“I’m just going to go ahead and demote myself to guest. Can not wait to watch you and brother getting married from the pews.”

A third commented: “Just step down, at 5mo it’s impossible to wear a dress that’s not appropriate for maternity.

“Put yourself and baby first.”


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