Bridesmaid accused of upstaging bride after changing ‘ugly’ dress before wedding

A woman wasn’t happy with her “frumpy” bridesmaids dress – so she decided to change it two days before her friend’s wedding.

On her TikTok account @brittneyraetoday, Brittney showed what the velvet green frock looked like “before”.

She felt the design was “ugly”, so opted to sketch out a new one.

The skilled seamstress decided to shorten the length of the dress and crop the long sleeves to show a bit more skin.

She also turned the wrap gown into a plunging style instead.

While Brittney was nervous to mess with the dress so close to the big day, she’s pleased with how the finished results turned out.

Brittney decided to re-vamp her bridesmaids dress

On TikTok, she explained: “Transforming my frumpy dress two days before the wedding.

“I had to completely deconstruct it first. I was a little stressed.

“If I mess up I have nothing to wear and the bride will KILL ME.”

Thankfully, Brittney pulled off the sewing project.

Many admired her handiwork in the comments section.

The talented seamstress sketched out a design
The talented seamstress sketched out a design

Brittney Rae
Brittney admitted the alterations were a bit “stressful”

One TikTok user gushed: “When I tell you this is stunning.”

Another agreed: “You killed it! The dress looks amazing, and I’m sure your friend will love it.”

And a third added: “I’m obsessed/I want it.”

But others accused her of trying to “upstage” the bride.

One commenter said: “Imagine thinking you’re the main character someone’s wedding.”

Brittney Rae
The finished results look stunning!

Another accused: “Don’t try to upstage. We can tell what you’re doing.”

Brittney has since defended herself.

She said: “If I was trying to upstage a bride at her own wedding, I would have to do better than a homemade green dress.”

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