Bridesmaid slammed for RSVPing to wedding with sexual advice for couple

A cheeky bridesmaid stirred up controversy by providing some crude instructions to a newly wed bride and groom.

A photo of a card titled “advice for the newly weds” was passed around the bridal shower, which was posted to Reddit.

Common instructions like “never go to sleep without sorting out an argument” were dismissed from this list as the cheeky guest had other things on her mind.

Listed under the category of “Always”, the saucy bridesmaid wrote “swallow” and under “Never” she wrote “spit”.

However, thinking of the bride’s health, the bridesmaid wrote “pee after” under “Don’t forget to”, which will most likely save the bride from a course of antibiotics and cranberry juice!

Carrying on with the NSFW theme, when asked to provide advice on probably the most important question on the list “a lasting marriage is built on these three things”, the bridesmaid funnily wrote “sex, drugs and rock and roll.”

People were divided over the bridesmaid’s cheeky comments

Lovingly, under “I wish you both” the bridesmaid hoped for the new couple “orgasms and good poops” and then signed off the list of lewd advice as “you know who.”

Someone did not hold back!

However, the comments reflected the title of the original Reddit post, which read: “Found on Facebook! There’s a time and a place dude.”

One user wrote: “If this is private. Not to be read aloud, but just for the couple, I would probably find it funny. I know it’s inappropriate,”

Another user added: “Why do people think they’re allowed to comment on a couple’s sex life just because they’re getting married? This is so gross ugh.”

For some, the list was seen as light hearted fun that will provide the bride and groom something to laugh about.

One user said: “Yeah, these are just silly cards. The bride and groom can throw it out if they don’t think it’s funny. It’s not like the guest ruined their guest book or a photo op. People are allowed to be silly.”

While another commented: “This is in good fun… I wouldn’t be mad. Not everyone can think of serious answers to such questions… I dunno, maybe I’m just low class.”

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