Bridezilla LIES about having child-free wedding to exclude her niece

WHEN this mum heard her sister was having a child-free wedding, she was happy to leave her step-daughter at home.

But she was horrified when she arrived at the do, only to discover there were loads of kids there, and the bridezilla had lied to exclude her child.


A bridezilla lied about having a child-free wedding to exclude her own NIECE because of her scarsCredit: Alamy

The 15-year-old has a burn scar on her neck and over half of her face, due to an accident four years ago, and her step-mum believes this is the reason she wasn’t invited.

Posting on Reddit, the mum explains: “She’s already gotten tons of insensitive comments but to me and her dad she’s still the most beautiful soul. My family’s been supportive and loving towards (my step-daughter).”

Explaining how it happened, the mum reveals the bride and groom “told me and my husband they decided the wedding will be child free. Meaning (my step-daughter) couldn’t come.

“They asked if that’d be okay and we said yeah! absolutely, we respect the bride and grooms rules.”

But they were in for a shock on the day itself. She says: “My husband and I got to the venue and first thing we noticed was kids…Kids of all ages all around the venue.

“My husband literally stopped walking. He paused for few seconds, looked at me then let go of my hand and said he was outta there.

“He walked out but I stood still when mom saw me and signalled me to come join the family. But I didn’t go.

“I asked one of the guests who had his kid with him and he said this event allowed kids.

“I was seeing red at this point cause I was fooled into leaving (my step-daughter) at home and coming with my husband only.”

The step-mum then publicly confronted the bride and groom, asking them why her daughter was excluded.

She says: “I blew up at them asking why they lied about this being a child free wedding when it wasn’t.

“I asked them in front of everyone why they decided to basically lie to me and my husband and get us to exclude our daughter?

“Why? Is (my step-daughter) somehow different from the other kids who showed up?

“My sister tried to calm me down but I bluntly asked if it was cause her step-niece has a burn scar/visible injury that she and her husband were too ashamed of.”

I bluntly asked if it was cause her step-niece has a burn scar/visible injury that she and her husband were too ashamed of

Anonymous step-mum

The sister then left the wedding, calling the bride and groom “awful, insensitive people with no respect for me nor their niece”.

According to the anonymous poster, her sister later admitted her suspicions were right, and had been the groom’s decision to exclude the teen.

Gobsmacked by the story, Redditors commented: “They deserved every bit of embarrassment.”

A second person wrote: “Yep. Just showed all their friends and family the true versions of themselves.”

And a third said: “Exactly, everyone should know exactly what they did. Sister probably isn’t even upset she did it, just that everyone knows why.”

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