Bridezilla slammed for booking an Uber Pool to her wedding

A BRIDEZILLA has been slammed for booking an Uber Pool to take her to her wedding, then having the “audacity” to moan at the other passenger.

Taking to Twitter, the unlucky person sharing their cab revealed how the couple “got mad at me” for making them take a detour.

Uber Pool is the taxi firm’s cheapest journey option.

Essentially a carpool for strangers, it relies on your group being two or less people, who are willing to split the journey with others travelling in a similar direction.

Here in the UK, it’s currently suspended for Covid-19 safety reasons.

In the tweet, the baffled customer said: “I was just in an uber pool with a couple going to their WEDDING and they had the audacity to be mad at ME for joining the pool even though they chose UBER POOL on their WEDDING DAY”.

The tweet was shared on Reddit a year ago and made the rounds again this week.

People were gobsmacked by the cheeky bride, writing: “Surprised they didn’t ask for the guy/gal to pay for their ride”.

Others slammed: “Yup, that’s the typical degenerate loser. Thinking they are getting a discount and get upset when reality hits.”

And one reader mocked: “Lemme Guess they were on their way to their honeymoon at Chuck E. Cheese?” in reference to an American fast food restaurant.

Another person wrote: “Why do dumb poor people always blame everyone else for them being poor?

“You booked and uber pool and expected to ride alone, who the f*** does that? Cheap b*******s couldn’t foot the bill for a limo and that’s someone else’s problem? Get f***ed, losers.”

While one reader asked: “Can you afford the wedding at that point if you’re showing up in an Uber?”

The baffled Uber user took to Twitter to reveal what happened


The baffled Uber user took to Twitter to reveal what happenedCredit: Reddit

Some shared similar experiences and said the couple might have pressed the “pool” option by mistake.

One said: “I had a couple on a date join my Uber pool once. The girl was very friendly but the guy was exactly the same as the couple in the post.

“Loudly complaining the whole time that I was in their pool…like dude you picked this option wtf”.

But others mocked: “It’s funny how my elderly parents can figure out Uber and a lot of people can’t.”

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