‘Bridezilla’ slammed for strict dress code rule – but not everyone agrees

A bride-to-be took to Reddit to ask users whether she was being unreasonable for asking her mum and mother-in-law to go along with her wedding rules – but users think she’s being too ‘demanding’

Reddit users were divided

Some brides tend to have a pretty concrete idea of how they imagined their wedding day.

But for one woman, it wasn’t the wedding dress, the food, or the venue she was concerned about.

Posting on Reddit, the woman, who has been engaged for almost a year, explained that since she was little she’s always dreamt of her mum and mother-in-law wearing a green dress to her wedding.

“That’s one of four things I have been very vocal about for my wedding since I got engaged,” she said.

“The other three things are my fiancé be at the end of the aisle, I write my own wedding ceremony (I studied to be a minister), and I want to super fancy invitations.

“The wedding dress, the food, the venue, all those things I’ve not stressed about.”

She’d always dreamt of her mum and mother-in-law wearing green


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When she went wedding dress shopping with both of the women, she told them she wanted them to both wear green, “‘Don’t care what shade, just a green formal dress,'” she recalled telling them.

While her mum wasn’t keen on the idea at first, she knew how important it was to her daughter, she took the time to find a green dress she liked.

Her mother-in-law, however, wasn’t so understanding.

She said: “My future [mother-in-law] just called and said she can’t find a green dress and doesn’t want to order one.

“She and her mum called me a bridezilla for dictating what colour the mums wear.

“I believe I’m being reasonable by saying any colour green and I told her a year ago that this was a thing and that this is important to me.

“It’s not my fault she waited till less than a month before the wedding for her to go dress shopping.

“I sent her photos of the dress my mom bought when she ordered it.

“I sent her photos of when the dress came in. I sent her websites. This isn’t something new.”

She concluded her post by asking users whether her request was unreasonable but the majority of people were on her side.

One person said: “Honestly I don’t know how to feel, she knew about this way ahead of time so I’d say you’re [not the a**hole].

“She really should have bought the dress already or at least told you ahead of time she wasn’t going to.

“This has been something you’ve dreamed about forever, it’s one simple request that ‘please wear this colour because it would be really special to me’.

“Have you offered to pay for it? That would make you less of the [a**hole]. Maybe find her one yourself if this is something you really want? Try to find a compromise but if it doesn’t work out then don’t freak out about it either. In the end, it’s only a colour.”

Another wrote: “It’s such a basic request, too. There are so many different shades of green!”

While a third commented: “I’ve never heard of [mother of the bride/ groom] having to match the wedding colours. As much as you feel entitled to request specific colours, they’re also entitled to decline.

“It would be easier if they just went along with it but it’s a bit odd you’re deciding what colours they can wear.”

“I realise you deciding the colour of the mother’s dresses might be a tad bridezilla, but it’s not such a horrible request,” added a fourth user.

Defending the woman, one person put: “It’s crazy how people on here are so quick to throw around ‘bridezilla’. Like, [oringinal poster’s mother-in-law] literally agreed to do this a year ago and is backing out now ? Why would she not say anything earlier? Or, I don’t know, when it was first requested A WHOLE A** YEAR AGO!”

“It’s a reasonable request, but not a reasonable demand since she’s not in the wedding party per se,” added someone else.

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