Brie Larson Gushes Over ‘Captain Marvel 2’ Director Nia DaCosta

The first rule of Marvel is that you don’t talk about Marvel! However, many of the actors in Marvel movies have flirted around with giving away a little too much from their upcoming movies. The last one that they tried to get to do so was Brie Larson. She’s coming back to play the role of Captain Marvel in the second installment of the franchise. In a recent interview, she shared some of the experiences that she had onset. Also, we got a couple more info on what we can hope to see in theaters in the second installment of the film. 

What We Know About The Upcoming Captain Marvel Film


This isn’t necessarily information that Brie Larson recently shared. However, it has been confirmed for example that Samuel L. Jackson is set to return to the Marvel Universe as Nick Fury. He had a very prominent role in the first Captain Marvel movie. So his return shouldn’t be too much of a surprise. Also, the movie is set to take place in the present day. Therefore, it’s one of the few “new” Marvel installments that will potentially explore what happens after the events of Avenger’s End Game.   

All Girl Power For Captain Marvel 2

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Marvel surprised a couple of people in the industry when they signed on Nia DaCosta to direct the film. She is set to become the first woman to head a Marvel film from the director’s chair. This is fitting considering that Brie herself was the first woman to solo star in a Marvel film in the first installment of the franchise. In her recent interview, Larson talked about the opportunity to work with DaCosta saying, 


“She’s amazing. She’s so awesome and cool and clear,”   


Sharing The Love 

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Larson didn’t necessarily mention whether or not she was consulted to make the pick for a new director. She did gush over her time working with Nia DaCosta. Talking about how she really enjoyed the vision that DaCosta brought to the film. She literally said that DaCosta gave the best pitch for the movie. Which, makes it seem like Larson literally sat in those meetings where Marvel executives were trying to pick a new director for the film. Larson mentioned, 


“She gave the best pitch, that’s the thing that I love about it, she just came in, was ready, had such an incredible take on this story and on this film. And I’m so happy that she’s guiding this. I’m thrilled.”   


Brie’s Love For The Character 

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Another one of the reasons why it wouldn’t be strange for Brie Larson to sit in on the production meetings for the upcoming Captain Marvel movie is her love for the character. Back in 2019 when the first movie was released, she talked about how the character had allowed her to become much more self-confident. Even going as far as to allude to the fact she fought off her asthma to be able to work out and get in shape for the role. We’ll have to wait and see how in shape she happens to be this time around.   


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