Brit convinced he’s filmed UFO that ‘looks like a portal’ hovering over city

A student was stunned to see what he thought was a “UFO with rims” hovering in the sky that looked like a “portal” to another universe.

Robert Hampson was at a friend’s house in the Merchant City, Glasgow on Tuesday night (August 31) when he noticed something bright in the sky.

The film production student and full time musician said they had gone outside for some fresh air around midnight saw the glowing object in in the sky.

In the footage he shared, Robert appears to be filming a bright star from in between some buildings.

As he zooms in, he is baffled to see the details of it, asking his friend: “What the hell are you doing Matt? Yo, that’s not a planet.

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Robert and his friend noticed a bright light in the sky and tried to zoom in on camera for a closer look

“Zoom in, look. It’s got like rims or some s***.”

He told Glasgow Live: “Me and my friend were outside last night and caught an unexplainable object floating in the sky in Glasgow.

“It happened at my friend’s house in the Merchant City. We basically went out for some fresh air and we seen something really bright in the sky.

“We started to record it and take pictures of it and it looked like some sort of portal of a UFO.

“It was probably hovering for about an hour and then just disappeared.”

Robert was shocked to see a 'portal-like UFO' with rims around the object
Robert was shocked to see a ‘portal-like UFO’ with rims around the object

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This comes after a man in Kent spotted a strange “alien” object flying in the sky.

Footage showed a glow which appeared to be travelling to the right before suddenly turning and flying towards the left.

A woman living in Cornwall was alsoconvinced she saw “signs of extraterrestrial life” after filming strobes of strange lights over an empty field in the dark.

She said: “There’s no lights for miles. No houses just vast emptiness of fields.

“I’d like to think aliens was a little far fetched however with no other reasonable explanation I really don’t see how it could be anything else!”

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