Brit drivers warned over new number plate changes coming into action this week

A motoring change is coming into effect from Tuesday which could impact Brits travelling abroad by car.

Currently, drivers must put a GB sticker on their vehicle before going abroad, unless they have a licence plate bearing the initials.

But from tomorrow (September 28), drivers who are planning to head abroad with their vehicles will have to ditch the GB sticker.

The sticker, or magnet, will no longer be valid in Europe and will have to be replaced with a UK one, reports Liverpool Echo.

Any driver with the GB on their number plate will now also need a sticker or order a new plate with the UK designation.

This announcement marks the second time the UK has had to revamp its number plates this year.

This is the second time the UK has announced licence plate changes this year

Back in January, Transport Secretary Grant Shapps said Brits would be able to drive on the continent without GB stickers.

It comes after a new registration plate with a Union Flag and GB sign was released.

Mr Shapps also tweeted an image revealing the updated look of a green number plate.

The plates are used to signify fully electric vehicles and showcase their incentives of opting for a more environmentally-friendly car.

He wrote: “Brits will be able to drive on the Continent without GB stickers thanks to new reg plate with Union Flag and GB.”

British number plates have previously featured a GB symbol under a cluster of EU stars.

Welsh and Scottish drivers could still drive abroad with number plates displaying their flags, but only if they have a GB sticker too.

But the new rule change means the GB sticker will no longer be valid.

Interior of a car. Hand holds a black steering wheel
It’s best to be wary of the changes as they come into effect from September 28

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The update has been outlined by the United Nations.

Every motorist will need to buy a new plate featuring the letters UK or must have a sticker displaying the same letters.

People who ordered the new design earlier this year must now purchase a UK sticker to put alongside it to make it legal.

The rule change means that, on or after September 28, drivers will need to display a UK sticker clearly on their vehicle.


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