Brit hunts for food with ‘red alert’ levels of fat, sugar and salt – and Lidl wins

Reddit users challenged themselves to find the most sinful “superfood” on British supermarket shelves.

And they believe they’ve found a winner in Lidl’s chicken wings.

The item has been labelled with a “red alert” in terms of fat, saturates sugar and salt, which is quite the achievement.

The reference intakes are put on food packaging to help the customer keep track of the nutrition on their food.

And the red indicates that the food is high in the four ingredients.

The original poster titled the post: “Lidl chicken wings all red for the person looking for an all red nutritional meal.”

These chicken wings have been crowned a ‘superfood’ due to their super high nutritional intake
(Image: Reddit)

Pictured in the post are the “BBQ Chicken Wings” that are described on the packaging as “succulent” and are “coated in a Barbecue Rub with a Barbecue Sauce”.

Half of these 600g BBQ wings from Lidl weigh in at a massive 34.5g of fat, which is way in the red zone at 49% of the reference intake.

Whilst saturates were at 8.7g (44% of the daily intake), sugars at 28.5g (32%) and 2.94g of Salt(49%) was present in one serving of the wings.

People quickly rushed to the Reddit post to comment on the wings.

One user joked: “One of these a day and a multivit and you’re a picture of health!”

chicken wings
Who thought chicken wings could be so unhealthy
(Image: Getty Images/Cavan Images RF)

Another user labelled the high in fat meal as: “The one meal wings diet”

A third was left shocked by the chicken wings: “Holy s**t. That one thing has your entire daily allowance.”

An another noted: “If you only ate this in one day, you would be under calories but on the money on everything else.”

Another person added: “It must be like a superfood. If you can get 100% of your daily intake of everything from eating this whole box it must be good.”

Meanwhile, another said the food was a “diabetes speedrun”.

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