British Nationals Should Leave Ukraine, Urges Foreign Office

The Foreign Office has told British nationals to leave Ukraine immediately.

Concern has been growing over whether Russia will invade Ukraine, with recent satellite images having shown the deployment of military personnel nearby.

The UK government has since told people to leave the country as soon as they can ‘while commercial means are available’.

It is reported that there are around a few thousand British nationals still located in the country; the recent announcement comes due to an increased threat in the region, after Boris Johnson reportedly told other leaders he feared for the security of Europe, during a virtual call.

US citizens were previously told to leave the country as soon as possible by President Joe Biden, as tensions have been steadily rising, with Russian President Vladimir Putin having accused the US of attempting to draw the country into war, denying Russia’s plans to launch an invasion.

Despite Putin’s contesting of plans to enter Ukraine, it is now anticipated that over 100,000 Russian and Belarusian troops are stationed near the border, and that the country has acquired 70% of the weapons and military personnel that it would need if it was to invade the country.

10 days of military drills have also been reported as being carried out by the troops.

According to BBC News, the Foreign Office previously advised against ‘all by essential travel’ from Ukraine.

published at13 days ago

It is reported that the embassy in Kyiv will remain open, however some members of embassy staff will be withdrawn.

Subsequently, in-person consular assistance will not be able to be provided to any British citizens who remain in country.


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