British teachers share funny and embarrassing comments pupils have made in class

We all like to think our little darlings are well behaved at school, but in the same way that our kids sometimes deliver hash comments to us they also say things to their teachers.

After all, when you’re at school for five to six hours every day some words are bound to slip out.

And, British teachers have got together online to share the rude, funny and downright bizarre things their students have said to them.

Posting on Reddit, one teacher saidL “Had my first “F**K YOU” from a kid today.

“Cheer me up with your ‘resilience’ stories.”

And, her fellow educators obliged by posting their experiences in return.

We have to admit, some of them gave us a laugh!

Kids can be brutally honest sometimes

One teacher commented: “My first year of Teach First, I did a full day of teaching, had an observation, met with the HT, chatted to a parent.

“And only afterwards ran into one of my Y5s leaving a sports club, who said, ‘Miss no one wanted to tell you, but you’ve only drawn in one eyebrow today’.”

Another said: “Let’s just say I walked into a year seven class and heard somebody say ‘that’s the teacher who cried after my year 9 friend told her she has disgusting hairy armpits’.”

Ouch! How embarrassing…

And, some funny moments even managed to happen during the months of home schooling caused by lockdown in 2020.

An educator commented: “My students in the school I was in last year knew me as being a fan of a certain Premier League team.

“During the lockdown last year I had set an assignment for one class and one of the students put on our Google classroom page the question: ‘Ms can I just buy you the [Premier League team] jersey with [team’s start player] on the back instead of doing this?’”

Some comments made us wince and some made us giggle
Some comments made us wince and some made us giggle

And, not every teacher took rude comments lying down.

One woman explained: “I was doing an activity about self esteem with my Year 5s last year and one activity they had to say a view they have about themselves, positive or negative.

“I said ‘for example I might say I am…’ and before I could finish one of my trickier boys added fat.”

She continued: “I don’t know what came over me, but I responded with direct eye contact and ‘now I think we’re all carrying some lockdown weight, don’t you.’”

What’s the most savage thing your child’s ever said to you? Tell us in the comments section…


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