Britney Spears’ aunt SLAMS dad Jamie as ‘barbaric’ and insists he ‘caged pop star’ in rare interview about family feud

BRITNEY Spears’ aunt slammed her dad, Jamie, as “barbaric” in a rare interview about their explosive family feud. 

Leigh Ann Spears, 54, got candid about her brother, Jamie’s, treatment of his daughter while insisting that he “caged” the pop star and “did NOT” protect her. 


Britney Spears’ aunt labeled dad Jamie Spears as ‘barbaric’ in a rare interviewCredit: Instagram/Britney Spears
Leigh Ann Spears claimed her brother 'caged' Britney and 'did NOT' protect her


Leigh Ann Spears claimed her brother ‘caged’ Britney and ‘did NOT’ protect herCredit: ITV

Speaking out publicly for one of the only times since Britney, 39, was placed in Jamie’s conservatorship 13 years ago, her aunt alleged how bad things got between the family. 

“He’s barbaric. Who gets to do that to someone? She was just manipulated and used. And he wants to say he protected her?” Leigh Ann told Good Morning Britain.  

“No he caged her! He caged her,” she added in the interview – which fully airs tomorrow but a teaser clip was released today. 

Leigh Ann has not spoken out in the past however, she did make bombshell allegations to the NY Post last week about her brother. 

She claimed that their father, June Spears, injected her mother with lithium – something Jamie is accused of doing to Britney. 

“My mom was like a debutante, she came from a good family and was considered a catch,” Leigh Ann told the outlet. 

She continued: “But Daddy — I hate even calling him that — drove her crazy. He institutionalized her at Mandeville a few times and put her on lithium. 

“When I heard that Britney was put on lithium for a while I almost couldn’t believe it but it made sense. Typical for this family and how they treat their women.”

The Tennessee resident then said: “The Spears men need to be held accountable.

“Thank goodness Britney got a good lawyer. Jamie did to her what my daddy did to my mom and Emma Jean. 

“They are mean and they will destroy you if they can’t control you. But I think Britney will survive. She’s a beautiful person with a beautiful soul.”

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