Britney Spears’ Conservatorship Judge Getting Death Threats Over Case

The judge ruling over Britney Spears’ conservatorship case is receiving death threats online after deciding her father should stay involved at least until the next hearing date.

As you can imagine, Britney’s fans — including many with the #FreeBritney movement — are upset with judge Brenda Penny’s recent ruling allowing Jamie Spears to remain in the case for at least a few more weeks. As we reported, Britney’s team filed legal documents asking for the hearing to be pushed up to this month because every day that goes by is worse for the pop star having her father involved.

Britney’s Conservatorship Judge Threatened With ‘Horrible Mysterious Death’

It isn’t hard to find if you follow ‘Britney Spears’ news on social media, where a ton of nasty messages and death threats have popped up concerning the judge. In some cases, it’s so bad, the online trolls are calling for her to “die” or threatening she will have a “horrible mysterious death.”


“I have a feeling this judge Brenda Penny is going to have a horrible mysterious death #freebritney,” one message read.

The onslaught of messages has gotten so bad, #BrendaPennyIsCorrupt has started to trend on social media.

Britney Spears’ Judger Being ‘Corrupt’ Trends On Twitter

The Los Angeles Sheriff’s Department has gotten wind of the constant death threats and other issues online and is currently “keeping an eye” on the activity. As you can imagine, the threats are concerning, but officers will need to figure out if they are a credible threat and what to do about the situation. Right now, it appears none of the threats constitutes a crime, but the LASD are going to monitor to see if anything rises to that level.

Britney Spears' Conservatorship Judge Receiving Death Threats

Unfortunately, several other trolls are beginning to attack the judge (who is black) in a different way — hurling racial slurs. Again, not much the police department can do in that case — but will have to monitor it to see if it gets worse.

For those upset at the ruling, it should be noted that Judge Penny was simply saying that the current situation doesn’t constitute an emergency bad enough that the hearing should be moved from September to August. As we’ve reported, Britney has NO contact with her father — Jamie Spears — and he is only currently involved with her estate. Plus, any expenses or payments made with Britney’s accounts must be approved by the court.

Britney Spears' Conservatorship Judge Receiving Death Threats

In this case, it appears fans might not know the full story and are jumping to conclusions that Judge Penny is allowing Britney’s father to stay involved in the case. In fact, based on the recent revelation that Britney’s doctors agree Jamie is a problem — we are guessing the judge will toss him from the case. The #FreeBritney movement will just have to wait a few weeks.

Jamie Spears: It’s Only A Matter Of Time

As we reported, Britney is asking the court to remove her father from the case completely but is allowing the current conservator — Jodi Montgomery — to remain in place for the time being. Plus, they have asked for another person to come in and take care of the finances. Again, in time, we believe the judge will remove her father and anyone who is making her life a nightmare.

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